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Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus ‘takes it personally’ when he fails in front of…

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Gabriel Jesus opened up about the anguish he feels when he fails to score at Manchester City.

The striker's hat trick in a 4-1 win at Dynamo Zagreb has led him to 10 goals in 21 games this season. However, five have been scored in the last three games and Jesus was sincere about the weight of his expectation.

"I take it personally," he said. "I think, 'Oh my God, I have to score, I have to score, I have to score.'

"I try – I'm getting better. I'm working to score more and not think about the pressure. My family helps me, so I think that's how I try to deal with the pressure."


Jesus is enjoying a prolonged run because of Sergio Agüero's absence from a thigh injury. The Brazilian started three games last month and entered three more, but failed to score.

"Last month I was not good and I was not happy," Jesus said. "I didn't score and lost chances. When that happens I can't be happy. Sometimes football is like that. You have to keep working hard and try to score, try to help the team.

"I always think," Wow, I have to score because I'm playing in a big club in big competitions with big players. "I say," Next game. "Sometimes it can happen that you don't mark it happened to me but I keep working and trying this month was a good month

The three goals against Dynamo on Wednesday led the 22-year-old to 101 in his career. "It was a very good night," he said. "I'm a blessed guy. I try all the time to do my best and sometimes I can't. I'm competing with Sergio – a friendly competition. I hope when he plays he will score.

“When I play, he does the same, which is amazing. I have to learn from him because he scored so much for the club and throughout his career. "

City will uncover their last 16 Champions League opponents in Monday's draw.


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