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Luso-Canadian is hero in the fight to take homeless people off Montreal

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Luso-Canadian is hero in the fight to take homeless people off Montreal

A Luso-Canadian businessman in Montreal is one of the main promoters of a poverty alleviation project to remove about 6,000 homeless people in the Canadian city.

"This cause of homelessness touches me a lot because winters are very cold and in Montreal and there are about six thousand people who do not have a fixed residence," began Herman Alves, 62.

Born in Porto de Mós (district of Leiria) and in Canada for 50 years, the president of the Montreal Rotary Club says “this is a problem that cannot be forgotten” but “it is mainly up to the citizens to control it and help the affected people ”.

With freezing temperatures coming to Montreal, with many of the days having a minus 30 degrees, Herman Alves points out that Rotarians are part of a membership platform to “show that sharing wealth with the poor of our society” is a must. all.

“We want to start by launching a campaign with Rotary clubs as an annual event so that we can support some homeless institutions and then organize something big,” he said.

Herman Alves' willingness to help the homeless is not new. It comes from 1989 when a homeless man lost his life when found frozen in the Viger Park in Montreal, a case that shocked the French-speaking city.

The construction entrepreneur then became involved in setting up the 'Share the Warmth' institution to raise clothing for the homeless.

Since 1989, with the help of many collaborators, Herman Alves has raised over $ 1.2 million ($ 823 thousand) channeled into a social mechanism to fight poverty and has been involved in the project that turned Grace's church into a community center.

The “Fight Homeless Fundraising” fundraising event, with dinner and performance by Portuguese-Canadian singer Remigio Pereira, takes place on November 27th, at Porto Lounge, at 3716 Notre-Dame Street.

Funds to be raised go to Le Bon Dieu dans la rue centers, La rue des Femmes and Mission Old Brewery, institutions that support the most needy.

According to local government figures, in Quebec last year there were 5,789 visible people living on the provincial streets, about 76 out of 100,000 residents, in a signage that took place in the spring of 2018.

In Montreal alone there were 3,149 homeless people, a slight increase from 3,016 in 2017.

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