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Love jewelry

The Duke of Windsor even wished that after his duchess died, his jewels would be undone so that no one else could wear them. Much more than a collection of magnificent pieces, the jewels of the Dukes of Windsor tell the story of a love that led King Edward VIII of England to abdicate the throne to marry the American Wallis Simpson. Many of these jewels are extremely intimate and special because, in addition to the couple enjoying recording messages, the duke insisted on accompanying the jewelers in the design of the final pieces, and many of them were made from his precious stones. They were important customers of houses such as Van Cleef & Arpels and the Duchess was one of the first fans of panther jewelry, which is now one of Cartier's house icons.

It was also from the studios of the prestigious French house that came out the engagement ring that Prince Rainier of Monaco offered to his betrothed Grace Kelly, designed with the bride's personality and taste in mind. The symbolic and sentimental value of this ring was so incalculable that the actress did not want to part with it during the shooting of her latest film, High Society (1956), where she conveniently plays a beautiful and wealthy young woman preparing for her second marriage. .

But if we talk about backstage love stories that involved jewelry, it is impossible not to mention Elizabeth Taylor. It was during the recording of Cleopatra (1963) that the actress met two of the great loves of her life: Richard Burton and Bulgari. It didn't take long for the couple to become customers of the mythical shop at 10 Via Condotti in Rome. When the diva's legendary jewelery collection went on sale in 2011, the news came not only because of the high monetary and record values ​​the pieces hit, but because a jewelry box filled with love stories opened to the public.

Richard Burton was just one of the actress' husbands, but probably the one who spoiled her most, using the valuable gifts to celebrate various occasions. When Elizabeth Taylor turned 40, the actor offered her a heart-shaped diamond from the early 17th century. Known as the Taj Mahal diamond, it is believed to once belong to the favorite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan of India, Mumtaz-i-Mahal, for whom he had one of the greatest love dedications in history built which he still continues to provoke. goose bumps and sighs: the Taj Mahal mausoleum. For Valentine's Day 1969, Richard Burton had one big surprise in store: La Pelegrina, a pearl with its own name and unusual dimensions. Prior to adorning Elizabeth Taylor's neck in a Renaissance-style necklace designed by the Cartier house, she had passed through European royal families and, it turns out, the Bonaparte imperial family.

Napoleon Bonaparte and his Empress Josefina also starred in one of the most beautiful love stories brightened by the glamor of jewelry. Napoleon was passionate about jewelery and, when he became emperor, made Marie-Etienne Nitot, the founder of maison Chaumet, his jeweler. He commissioned fantastic and memorable pieces for himself and for his two wives, Josefina and later Maria Luisa of Austria. Despite the great passion that united the emperor to his wife, the fact that the empress did not give an heir to France forced him into a political union with an Austrian archduchess. The story of an intense love, filled with golden and tragic moments, made the engagement ring that Napoleon offered Josephine a historical piece. In March 2013, this diamond and sapphire ring was auctioned in Paris for around 700,000 euros, exceeding expectations by about 50 times.

The most beautiful engagement rings promise a happy ending, but unfortunately they cannot guarantee it. Another historical piece where the deep blue of sapphire shines is Princess Diana's engagement ring. Garrard House, which has been a royal jeweler for about 160 years, since the time of Queen Victoria, has made several engagement rings for the future Princess of Wales to choose her favorite. Despite the tragic history we all know, Prince William was not afraid of the heavy inheritance of this ring and it was with him that he declared himself to Kate Middleton.

While the Duchess of Cambridge received a family jewel, especially for Jackie Kennedy Onassis two rings were designed. John Kennedy commissioned Van Cleef & Arpels for a ring with emerald and diamonds, while Aristotle Onassis resorted to jeweler Harry Winston and one of his rarest jewels. To create a truly special piece, the Greek owner bought the third of the 18 parts into which the famous Lesotho diamond was divided.

Celebrities of the day bet on rings that rival size and price, but when we talk about love jewelry, there are unique stories that have been written over time, at different times, that are rooted in the pieces and say a lot, or almost everything, about its protagonists. After all, as we have seen with Elizabeth Taylor and the Dukes of Windsor, not only with rings is love declared. Linda Porter, wife of the famous American composer Cole Porter, created the tradition of offering her a jewel case every time she debuted a show. As long as there are hearts in love, jewelery puts no limits on the imagination, so, as one of your songs says, Let's do it, let's fall in love!

And still…
The eggs of love
The Fabergé eggs of the Russian imperial family began as a tradition and became a legend. Tsar Alexander III began ordering these pieces from the master jeweler to offer one to his wife each year, and the tradition continued with his son, the last tsar Nicholas II, who at Easter offered a jewel egg to his wife and another. your mother. Faberge created 50 eggs for the Romanovs, but only 42 survived the 1917 revolution.

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