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Liverpool v Everton: Premier League – live!

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Liverpool's Divock Origi scores the third goal.

43 min: Van Dijk looks a long time to Mane on the right, but there is a lot of juice in the ball and he goes to Pickford. Everton goes up the other side, Bernard almost sends Davies into the area with a fine left-wing move, but Alexander-Arnold hits the ball in time.

41 min: Calvert-Lewin pursues a lost cause on the right side. Robertson clumsily strikes him in the back, and that's a direct free-kick, out of the area, just in line. A very dangerous position. Sigurdsson picks up and finds Keane's head, six yards away, but the defender can't drive home this time.

40 min: Richarlison spins through the left inner channel and passes a pass to Iwobi, who has a chance to shoot from D. Iwobi's edge with an odd effort, left and high. Adrian had nothing to do.

38 min: Wijnaldum manipulates the ball from the right, placing Shaqiri in space. Shaqiri plays Mane in the overlay. Mane crosses low, forcing Pickford to dodge the goal and reach the heart of the area. Fortunately, the ball falls into a blue shirt and Everton can clear its lines. But that was risky.

36 min: Everton's heads disappeared momentarily. They are all over the store at the back. Milner throws a ball from the left to Shaqiri, which is overtaken by Keane. Corner … of which nothing happens.

35 min: Everton makes a tactical change. Djibril Sidibe is addicted, with Bernard coming. Everton will play four in the back, with Mason Holgate taking the right-hand Sidibe wave.

3:00 PM EST15: 50

33 min: Keane noises Mane in midfield. Without yellow.

GOAL! Liverpool 3-1 Everton (Origi 31)

This one came out of nowhere. Lovren makes a long pass in the middle. Origi pulls him out of the sky with the right pin and then opens his body to jump behind Pickford and get in the net! Luis Suarez tones against Newcastle. What a touch to kill that long ball!

Liverpool's Divock Origi controls the ball … Photo: Lee Smith / Action Picture via Reuters

Liverpool's Divock Origi scores the third goal.

So let's go home. Photo: Lee Smith / Action Picture via Reuters

at 3.56pm EST

3:47 pm EST15: 47

30 min: It's getting a little dirty. Richarlison is late in Shaqiri, holding his left ankle. He sees yellow. Like Alexander-Arnold before him, it could easily have been a red.

29 min: Liverpool now want a penalty while Mane falls while chasing a pass through the left inner channel. They are not getting one. He hit Sidibe, but the defender hit the ball from the front.

27 min: Alexander-Arnold is quite rightly reserved for a late stamp on Digne's foot. Another referee may have brandished in red. Liverpool's young right-back needs to calm down quickly, or will be the last in a long line of players to bathe early in this game.

26 min: No penalty. Probably the right decision, there didn't seem to be much contact behind. Anyway, the VAR is not interested.

25 min: Liverpool plays a high line. Iwobi opens with a right-hand pass, freeing Calvert-Lewin on goal! The air is sucked out of Anfield. A draw looks at the cards … until Calvert-Lewin falls into the area, Van Dijk pressing him from behind. The ball squirts right to the right of the goal. Everton wants a penalty. And there will be a VAR check.

3:41 pm EST15: 41

23 min: Richarlison is not particularly happy when Alexander-Arnold lands on his leg, nails first. It looked like an accident, although Richarlison clearly didn't think it was. The referee stands between the pair and calms everything.

22 min: That was very bad from Liverpool's point of view. On the ring line, Jurgen Klopp looks furious. While he smokes, Lallana is stripped of possession while passing out. Iwobi cannot feed Richarlison through the right internal canal. If he had hit the pass, he would have freed his teammate in the area. Suddenly Anfield is a very tense place.

GOAL! Liverpool 2-1 Everton (Keane 21)

Everton makes a short right-hand corner. Suddenly, Iwobi crosses the area by the canal and feeds Keane, who breaks a weak challenge from Lovren and lifts the ball over Adrian and enters the net. Game back!

Everton's Michael Keane scores the first goal.

Michael Keane scores a goal for Toffees. Photo: Alex Livesey / Danehouse / Getty Images

at 15:42 EST

20 min: A free kick to Everton on the left. Digne's delivery is not good, but Robertson cuts the ball wildly and kicks the ball into a corner to the right. Whose …

3:36 pm EST15: 36

19 min: Klopp team selection, huh. Everton tries to recover quickly by winning a corner on the left. Mine heads high above the bar.

GOAL! Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Shaqiri 17)

Another stunning! Alexander-Arnold, in the far right, passes a widescreen pass to Mane on the left. Mane enters the field and slides the ball through the left channel. Shaqiri, entering the field, stretches one leg and gently guides the ball past Pickford, who pushes into the empty net. What a goal that was.

Liverpool's Xherdan Shaqiri scores his team's second goal.

Liverpool's Xherdan Shaqiri scores his team's second goal. Photography: Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

at 3:40 pm EST

16 min: Robertson cuts Davies from behind and then falls on his back. Davies is not happy at all and comes up with the goal of playing hands. Robertson smiles malevolently, not unlike Trainspotting, where Renton is hit by a car and then smiles at the driver through the windshield.

14 min: Lallana has a 25 yard dig. His kick is left, and he used his arm to knock the ball over anyway. Free shot.

13 min: Everton is asking some questions. Another trifle game in Liverpool's box ends with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin getting in their way when a 12-meter shot assisted. Eventually the ball swung right to the right. They should have done much better too. It is a pleasant, open and free flowing game.

Everton boss Marco Silva reacts during the match.

Everton boss Marco Silva reacts during the match. Photography: Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

at 3:35 pm EST

11 min: Mane is sent to the left by another Van Dijk pass. He should at least kick the target, but check back and change position for a better angle. It allows Mina to block again. Should have done much better.

10 min: Iwobi removes Robertson from possession and descends through the right internal canal. It's a promising attack, but Milner comes from behind and an excellent sliding striker prevents Iwobi.

9 min: Lallana spins up and down the left line, almost getting the best of Sidibe … but not exactly. Liverpool look cheerful, energized by this initial boost.

8 min: Keane throws a ball into the Liverpool area from the left. Adrian states, then fights with Calvert-Lewin. Two grown men, and all. Van Dijk ends with a smile.

GOAL! Liverpool 1-0 Everton (Origi 6)

The hero of last season is back! There is some pinball in the Liverpool box, started by Richarlison. Robertson cleans up. Mane takes possession from the left and then plays one of the season's passes, curling one perfectly with Origi's feet, who doesn't have to step forward to catch the ball and get around Pickford in one smooth motion before rolling into the net. . That was a delight.

Liverpool's Divock Origi scores the first goal.

Liverpool's Divock Origi passes the ball to Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford … Photo: Lee Smith / Action Images via Reuters

Liverpool's Divock Origi scores the first goal.

Before placing the ball at home, to give the house side the lead. Photo: Lee Smith / Action Picture via Reuters

at 3:34 pm EST

5 min: Iwobi sends Calvert-Lewin running down the right wing, but the attacker seemed blocked and the whistle goes on like this. It turns out that Iwobi gets treated while squeezing.

4 min: A joke in the middle of the park. Everton will be happy enough, especially since it has soothed the home crowd.

2 min: Mane and Mina clashed as the Liverpool man approached. Coaches to look at both. They are good to go again. The image of the Amazon changes focus, art imitating real life.

3:18 pm EST15: 18

1 min: Origi has an early dribble in the Everton area, but it's a dead end. Everton clean. Liverpool came straight back to them, Robertson knocked left after a long pass from Van Dijk. He crosses to Mane, who passes 12 yards.

Liverpool's Sadio Mane clashes with Everton's Yerry Minaas, who the Liverpool player directs.

Liverpool's Sadio Mane clashes with Everton's Yerry Minaas, who the Liverpool player directs. Photo: Lee Smith / Action Picture via Reuters

at 3:24 pm EST

And we are leaving! Liverpool get the ball rolling, defending Kop's end in the first half, and that's how they like it.

Here come the teams! Some breaking news and a worldwide Guardian exclusivity: Liverpool will play red while Everton sports blue. Here's something else you don't need me to tell you: There is a crack atmosphere in Anfield ahead of the Merseyside derby. You never walk alone take off your belt while Everton's ending sings in defiance. And finally, all four corners of the floor give a round of applause for …

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