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Legislative candidate lists website now online

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Legislative candidate lists website now online

The October 6 legislative webpage is now online, where you can find lists of candidates, ballot papers and, on election day, provisional results and turnout.

Source of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SGMAI) had advanced on Wednesday to the Lusa agency that the lists of candidates for the legislative elections would be released today, since only then would they be "definitively consolidated".

On the website, under the responsibility of SGMAI, it is already possible consult these lists, on the "Candidates" tab, and interested parties can choose to view by constituency or by party and coalition.

Images of the ballot papers from each of the 22 constituencies are also available, as well as a tab with links to the pages of parties and coalitions competing for legislative elections and sources of information related to this electoral act.

It will be on this same page that the results of the provisional scrutiny of the legislative elections will be known on October 6th, starting at 8 pm, and the data will be updated throughout the night by SGMAI.

The turnout will also be available for this election, and from 13:00 the number of people who voted until 12:00 and later from 17:00 will know how many voters went to the polls until 4:00 pm.

The lack of disclosure of the lists with the names of all candidates running for the October 6 elections in the 22 constituencies had been raised on Wednesday by an opinion article by Luís Aguiar-Conraria of the University of Minho.

Contacted by Lusa, SGMAI explained that the "Electoral Administration has been receiving changes to lists, namely, replacement of candidates".

"This is the procedure provided by law and therefore the deadline of 15 days before the elections for the final consolidation of the lists," he added.

Thus, the disclosure of the candidate lists would be made today, as it did, since "only on that date are the lists definitively consolidated", ensuring that it has already published, within the deadline, as defined by law, the "admitted applications", that is, the list of parties competing for each constituency.

The National Election Commission (CNE), in turn, had advanced to the Lusa agency, through official source, that since the entry into force of organic law number 3/2018, which amends the Electoral Law for the Assembly of the Republic, " the competence to publish the CNE list of candidates is no longer the SGMAI's ".

In reply to Lusa, SGMAI had first made it clear that "the interpretation of the Electoral Law for the Assembly of the Republic (LEAR) imposes a distinction between the concept of 'candidacies' and that of 'lists', as they are objectively and materially distinct "

In the same response to Lusa, SGMAI also added that "although there is no normative expression in the respective electoral law, the Electoral Administration also released the list of candidates for the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira on September 7", information can be found at www.regional2019.mai.gov.pt/candidatos.html

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