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Learn how to make the hairstyle Maria Cerqueira Gomes wore at ModaLisboa

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Learn how to make the hairstyle Maria Cerqueira Gomes wore at ModaLisboa

On October 9, television host Maria Cerqueira Gomes posted two photos on her Instagram. She was with Helena Vaz Pereira, ambassador and hairstylist L'Oréal Professionnel to decide the hairstyle she would do for ModaLisboa, but she liked two so much that she couldn't decide, so she asked the opinion of her followers.

"I made one more girly and one more risky and that's clearly what the public chose. Maybe it's more than they are used to seeing and I find it curious," he told Maxima with a knowing smile, confirming that he had enjoyed it a lot. of the winning option. Maria treats her hair daily because of the excesses with dryers, boards and styling products due to her profession. "I do a mask once a week and also end up doing a mask with Helena, with treatment products," he explains to Máxima. Its products of choice are shampoo, conditioner and mask. "They are essential, I can not be without, even when I go outside, even if it is a weekend, they go with me" explains, behind the scenes of the 53rd edition of ModaLisboa. We took the opportunity to take note of the step by step hairstyle with the hairstylist Helena Vaz Pereira.

1- With damp hair, apply Volume Lift, a mousse that adds volume to growths smoothly, directly on growths. Comb with a wide comb to distribute the product well through the hair.

2- Before any pre-drying, apply the Pli thermoprotective spray on the wires.

3- Pre-dry from bottom to top, or turn head down.

4- Mark the scratch next to it and with a medium brush make a few waves starting from the front and pinching it, to mark more movements. It can also be done with babyliss. Apply Constructor, a thermoactive texture spray and flexible fixation for bulky, wavy styles, to each strand of hair to protect it from heat. When finished apply Fix Design Fix Spray and then let cool.

5- Begin undoing with your hands and then lightly brush all of your hair. Upside down apply Savage Panache spray for volume and texture.

6- Hook the side of the ear to the nape of the ear, opposite the scratch.


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