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Laura Bell Bundy tests positive for coronavirus

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Laura Bell Bundy tests positive for coronavirus

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Laura Bell Bundy announced that she is among the celebrities who hired coronavirus.

The Broadway, TV and movie star, 38, made the announcement on Instagram on Wednesday, sharing her experience and symptoms as well.


"Hey, guys, I want you to know that I tested positive for COVID-19 and I have coronavirus," she said in the video. "Don't be alarmed, I'm fine. I'm taking it easy, I'm taking all the nutritional supplements that were recommended by my doctor and I've been taking herbs for a while too."

Bundy then plunged into the symptoms she experienced, calling them "minors", which she attributes to "taking care of herself".

"I have been in quarantine since Thursday, March 12. That day, I had a headache and assumed it was a normal headache," she began. "A few days later, I had a sore throat coming and going and started taking some herbs prescribed for me by my acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor."

She continued, "A few days later, I had what I can only describe as a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath that was also intermittent."

Bundy said he received a test last week and received his results on Monday.


"Over the weekend, I had no symptoms and, in fact, I thought it was illusory because I thought I did," she said, explaining that she thought she might have suffered acid reflux or allergies.

"And then, on Monday, I started having symptoms again in the ugly head and the doctor confirmed it," added Bundy.

The actress then announced that she plans to hold an Instagram Live session to answer questions about what she is feeling and taking while fighting the virus. The session is now over.

"It's very, very scary, of course, I'm scared," admitted Bundy in the video. "My husband also has symptoms, our son is not showing symptoms. Of course, we are concerned for his well-being."

Not knowing where she contracted the virus, Bundy said that five days before entering quarantine, she participated in a public event, in addition to another that occurred the night before the quarantine started.

"I encourage everyone to stay inside," she insisted. "My belief is that more people have this than they think and can be carriers. I have been tested, but many people cannot be tested, my husband is not being tested, so he will not be counted as someone who has it." although he does. "

She added, "Please take care of yourself. Don't expose yourself to older relatives, older friends or anyone, really."


Bundy joins celebrities like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba and more that everyone has became public with its positive test results.



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