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Labrador dog presented at CES

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Labrador dog presented at CES

Animals make humans feel love, sympathy and affection, so if they are young animals like labrador dogs, our hearts melt.

The Labrador presented at CES is Jennie, wiggles her head, wags her ears, and still snores as she falls asleep. Although it is known that Jennie is not real, one could see people treating the robot as if it were a real dog.

Jennie was created by Tom Stevens, founder and CEO of start-up Tombot, in collaboration with Jim Henson. The inspiration for the creation of this robot came when Tom Stevens's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her dog was taken from her.

Tom Stevens states that the mother's story is not unique and it is common knowledge that seniors with dementia receive a lot of comfort from pets although, due to illness, they are not always able to take care of the animals.

During the days of CES you can see people taking photographs, with bright eyes and smiles on their face at the sight of the robot dog. It may, however, have been challenging to take pictures of Jennie (the robot) because where the dog was there were always people wanting to be near her. It was easy to see that Tom Stevens is very proud of his invention and was ready to answer all the questions.

According to the creator, Jennie is available for $ 449 but if the buyer joins the waiting list, the price may drop to $ 349. However, it should be noted that Jennie was not built to be a toy for children. The purpose for which it was built was to keep people with dementia company. Despite this, purchase orders have already been received from parents with children diagnosed with autism and post-traumatic stress.

Source: CNet


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