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Jürgen Klopp backing youth to strengthen Liverpool’s squad

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Jürgen Klopp backing youth to strengthen Liverpool's squad

Jürgen Klopp said the financial consequences of Covid-19 could "pause" Liverpool's transfer plans, but he believes his title-winning team will improve regardless of next season, thanks to the academy's talent.

Klopp admits that there is uncertainty about his transfer budget and that income and expenses will be affected. He is extremely confident in keeping the Premier League champions intact and feels that players like Neco Williams, Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott can support a team that demolished the competition this season.

"I am very confident that we can keep the team together, but all the rest of the planning is going on without knowing it," said the manager. “We have no idea at the moment. Nobody knows what the future will be like, which is very strange. I don't know when the new season will begin.

“Three months ago, nobody knew anything about what it would be like, and now we act a little bit like everything is fine again. It's a little early to guess that. And in football are we now faced with how much you want to spend? How much can you spend if you don't know how much you can have? This is exactly the situation.

“It is about the influence of the coronavirus crisis in all financial parts of life. It's not just football. We will all pay a bill in the end. I hope it ends soon, but nobody knows exactly how big the account will be. I think it's completely normal, at this point, to wait a little longer with some decisions or just say: & # 39; We stop and try again with this [squad] & # 39 ;. & # 39; We should not start taking it for granted that everything will be fine ”.

Liverpool cooled long-standing interest in Timo Werner during the blockade, allowing Chelsea to sign RB Leipzig striker for £ 47.5 million, although the club maintains that it was not a purely financial decision. Klopp has always wanted to leave an open path for the talent of the academy – Trent Alexander-Arnold is the prime example – and believes that uncertainty in the market offers opportunities for more to follow.

"Covid has influenced both sides, inside and outside," he said. "It's not likely to be the busiest summer in the world. But maybe later in the year, if the transfer window is still open, we'll know more. But this squad – just look at it. It's not a squad you need change now and say, "OK, we need that position and that position. What we want is to create our transfers internally. So now, the first glimpses of Neco Williams. Bring the boys up. Curtis, Harvey, Ki-Jana [Hoever], Sepp [van den Berg], Yasser [Larouci], Leighton [Clarkson], Jake Cain: all these kids did very well.

“We want to strengthen this team and this team is strong. The problem is how do you improve a strong team in the transfer market? It works with money, obviously, but it never works only with money. You have to be creative and we try to be creative. We try to find solutions internally. And there is still much to come. We have three or four players who can take big, big steps. People will be afraid that these boys will be lazy [after winning the championship]. These boys, as they showed against Crystal Palace, cannot be lazy. It just isn't in their nature. "

Klopp believes that Palace's 4-0 breakdown last week demonstrated perfectly why Liverpool won the club's first title for 30 years, with a record of seven games to spare. “The Palace game sums it up, it sums us up, because everything these boys did, they did for the club, for the people and for what we stand for. Nobody was there, but we were still together. I really wouldn't have thought it was possible to play like this, in this situation, with Everton's game three days earlier, which was like, "Didn't like it very much, are we really where we want to be?"

“So you play that game and it really sums us up because it's like they wear Liverpool's shirt and combine everything they have. Always, where, at what time, whatever is necessary, they go. And I love it. That's what put us in the position we are in – that's all in this game. At eighty-six minutes, losing the ball, chasing it, recovering it and shooting the Palace goal like you never scored before. Such a desire. It was at that moment that I thought: & # 39; Yes, we will be champions & # 39 ;. It was the perfect time. "


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