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Juan Guaidó party also dismisses three deputies on suspicion of corruption

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Juan Guaidó party also dismisses three deputies on suspicion of corruption

The Popular Will Party (VP), led by Juan Guaidó, with 20 of the 165 members of the Venezuelan parliament, decided today to dismiss three of its parliamentarians for alleged involvement in a corruption network related to food distribution throughout the state.

The party's announcement, made via the social network Twitter, comes the same day that another opposition party, the First Justice, announced the removal of three other deputies, for the same reason. Also after a MP of Popular Will announced that he was leaving office to undergo an investigation.

“We announce that we have decided to remove from the Comptroller Committee Members (Guillermo) Luces, (Richard) Arteaga and also Freddy Superlano, who has already done so (separate from his duties) and suspend them from their responsibilities until this matter is thoroughly investigated” , explains.

The VP considers that "corruption is disgusting and if it fights head-on, wherever it comes from."

"The fight against corruption has been and will continue to be one of our main flags," the party adds, citing several cases it has denounced and which, it says, "have cost persecution, death and exile."

The VP also announced that he had initiated “an internal investigation and disciplinary process to determine accountability” and notified Members of that process.

"The accused parliamentarians will be subject to any independent investigation, means or body that will make it possible to get to the bottom of this case, guarantee the right to defense and clarify their participation in any irregular fact," he says.

The VP calls on Venezuelans to be mindful of the decisions that will be announced by parliament president and opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

“We reiterate the importance of the free press and appreciate its investigations, which demonstrate the necessary freedom of expression to find the truth and unmask the enemies of the press and democracy,” reads the note, alluding to the denunciations of the Venezuelan press.

Today, the Venezuelan opposition party First Justice (PJ), with 33 of the 165 deputies of the parliament, also announced that it decided to remove the deputies Luís Parra, Conrado Pérez and José Brito, these last two members of the Standing Committee of Control of the National Assembly, for the alleged involvement in a corruption scheme related to the distribution of food throughout the state.

The PJ's decision comes after the local press denounces that the parliament's Standing Control Committee, where the opposition holds the majority, is involved in actions “to cover up or protect acts of corruption committed by the Venezuelan regime”.

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