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Jerónimo warns that PCP will position itself according to "PS options"

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Jerónimo warns that PCP will position itself according to "PS options"

In keeping with the CFP's initiative and intervention, as it has been in the last four years, it will be up to the PS's options, the budgetary instruments it presents, and the content of what legislation the PCP will determine, as always with complete political independence, position, "said the secretary-general of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), during a five-page speech he gave at that of the PCP in Porto.

Speaking at the "Regional Meeting of Cadres", where the announcement of the adhesion of "more than one thousand workers to the Party", Jerónimo de Sousa announced that the "fronts of struggle" for which the PCP will "hit with all The determination "relates to the" general increase in wages "," the increase in the national minimum wage to 850 euros ", as well as" the fight against precariousness and the repeal of the severe labor legislation. "

The "right to housing", the "strengthening of the National Health Service", "investment in public transport" and "the struggle for 1% of the Culture Budget" are part of the "struggle fronts" that the CFP intends to announce. and why you will "hit it with all determination".

To the list of "fronts", Jerónimo de Sousa also added the struggle for a "fair fiscal policy", "broadening of social support", "dignity of public administration" and "protection of nature".

"All the way forward and the adoption of measures that correspond to the rights and aspirations of the workers and the people will always count on the intervention of the PCP. Just as any and all measures contrary to their interests will have the firm opposition of the PCP", promised Jerónimo de Sousa, recognizing that "the tasks that the current situation puts to the PCP are great and demanding".

The general secretary of the PCP was applauded by the audience of about 300 when he said that the votes that the workers and the people entrusted to the PCP and the CDU will be "a force that will count towards advancing living conditions. and the development of the country ".

"The last four years that corresponded to what was called the new phase of national political life were not a time in vain," he observed, recalling that during this period the intervention of the PCP opened up "a path of defense, replacement and conquest of rights that some thought impossible ".

The PCP Regional Staff Meeting in Porto is the result of an initiative of the Central Committee to promote, in the post-electoral cycle, "spaces for analysis and debate on the current situation and on the party's work and intervention for future, "explained Jerónimo de Sousa.

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