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Jerónimo points out that PCP positions will be dependent on "PS options"

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Jerónimo points out that PCP positions will be dependent on "PS options"

"Maintaining the PCP's initiative and intervention, as it has done in the last four years, it will be up to the PS options, the budgetary instruments it presents and the content of what legislation the PCP will determine, as always with complete political independence, its position, linked to its commitments to the workers and the people, "said the communist leader at a rally in Lisbon.

According to Jerónimo de Sousa, "all the way forward and the adoption of measures that correspond to the rights and aspirations of the workers and the people will always count on the decisive intervention of the PCP, just as any and all measures contrary to their interests will have the firm opposition from the CFP ".

Thus, it is based on his project and the electoral program he presented to the legislatures that took place on Sunday that "the PCP will develop its action, initiative and proposal, and will position itself to evaluate the options and objectives that the PS and its government will subscribe to your action, "said the leader.

On Thursday evening, the PS secretary general said he would not make any written legislative agreement with other parliamentary forces, but stressed that the working methodology adopted in the previous legislature will remain with the partners.

From the point of view of the communist leader, the fact that the PS failed to secure an absolute majority on Sunday "is therefore not a sufficient condition to guarantee a path of new and more decisive progress".

Jerónimo de Sousa warns that "there is no stability problem posed in the response to national problems, what is necessary is that the government does not destabilize" and, therefore, "it is based on the policy it executes, the response it gives or not. to the aspirations and aspirations of the workers and the people, which results in stability. "

Noting that the current situation is different from that which came out of the elections four years ago, the PCP secretary general criticized that the current situation is "a matter of great speculation and misrepresentation" aimed at "seeking to attack the PCP" and "attributing it". you placements you don't have ".

"It is written about the nature of the solution found four years ago and it is omitted that such solution was the result of an illegitimate demand of the then President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, which was realized because it became imperative to end a government" PSD / CDS, Jerónimo stressed, pointing out that "it was this framework of pressures and demands that led the PS to insist on the need for a written formalization".

Now, the Communist leader understands, the idea is spreading that "someone wants to end what never really was," insisting that "there never was, no matter how much this lie was repeated over four years, no government of left or left, no left-wing parliamentary majority, but only a solution to the creation of the minimum and sufficient conditions to remove "the previous government led by Pedro Passos Coelho.

So that "illusory pictures of convergence are not fed, disconnected from the concrete content that informs them, and that from one measure or another deceive structuring options that limit or even prevent the answer that is required to the problems" of Portugal, Jerónimo de Sousa made a point of clarifying that the power relationship of the last legislature "was insufficient" to end "structuring options of right-wing policy from which the PS government did not want to break free".

Sunday's elections, in which the CDU came out with 10 deputies, "fell short of what was called for and demanded the development and empowerment needs" of the "struggle in defense of the interests and workers and the people", which leads the secretary. General of the PCP to underline that "if the desire of the Portuguese people is to improve their lives, the conditions to secure this path of advancement are unsafe".

Still, he acknowledged, the strength that the CDU had "will always serve to build solutions that realize this alternative policy, as well as to counter options that contradict or put it further from being realized."


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