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It's time to do a beauty routine for two

by ace
It's time to do a beauty routine for two

Including the soul mate in the morning or evening skin care routine has become easier: just change two steps in your beauty routine. The new customs for two will establish another bond of intimacy with your partner.

Are you unsure how to put them into practice? Follow these recommendations from the Swedish beauty and technology brand FOREO:

Do a skin cleaning together

The new version of FOREO's bestselling cleaning product is controlled by an app, through which each person can choose from sixteen pulsation intensities in order to satisfy all complexion needs. O Luna 3 (€ 199) is available for women with normal skin (in light pink), sensitive skin (in violet) and mixed skin (in blue). In just a minute, cleaning is done.

Meanwhile, men use their unique device LUNA mini 3 (€ 159) in black – with Glow Boost mode, which in just 30 seconds manages to do a powerful cleaning and leave the skin radiant. For those who complain of injuries after shaving, the LUNA 2 for MEN (€ 169) you will end up with three problems in a single use: it eliminates dead cells and unclogs pores for a more comfortable shave, reduces damage caused by blades and reduces fine lines and wrinkles with T-SONIC ™ pulsations on the face.

Apply face masks next to each other

O UFO (€ 199), the world's first smart facial mask device, applies facial masks in 90 seconds, with four associated therapies: cryotherapy, a cold hyperinfusion to reduce the appearance of pores; thermotherapy, with heat to relax and calm the body and mind, while helping to penetrate the mask's active ingredients into the skin; and the T-SONIC ™ pulsations that provide a facial massage. The UFO also has LED light therapy, which rejuvenates the skin with red, green and blue LED light waves.

There are masks adapted for all skin types and for the momentary needs of each one (€ 9.99 each). For example, Make My Day Mask moisturizes and energizes the skin, giving it luminosity and creating a protection barrier against free radicals and anti-pollution, making it ideal for the morning. The brand also has Call it a Night Mask, which revitalizes tired skin after a long day at work.

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