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It will take 35 minutes to fully load the next Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

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Last month, the new Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphones appeared in databases in China, indicating that there would be two versions, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, so the existence of both devices is not new. But now there is new information that will highlight these devices: The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro will (probably) have a very large charging capacity and will allow you to go from 0 to 100% in ONLY 35 minutes.

Undoubtedly, the fast charging of smartphones is improving a lot, and being able to charge the device at a reasonable battery level in such a short time is very promising.

According to information released in China, Xiaomi has improved wired fast charging technology. which will allow the Mi 10 Pro to be able to fully charge in about 35 minutes. He added that Xiaomi's 50W wireless charging is not yet perfected and should not be available in early 2020, so it will not be integrated into these devices, which is a shame.

Foxconn experts revealed that the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are codenamed J2 and J1, respectively. Last month, the Xiaomi MJ2001J2E / C 5G phone was approved by Chinese entities, and certification revealed the presence of the MDY-11-EF charger, which is also available on the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro phone. Therefore, the Xiaomi MJ2001J2E / C , believed to be the Xiaomi Mi 10, will support 30W fast charging.

The 35 minute charging information appears to be related to the Xiaomi MJ2001J1E / C 5G smartphone, which should be the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Certificate of approval revealed that the phone could come with the MDY-11-EB charger that supports 66W fast charging.

For now, not much more is known about these new Mi 10 smartphones, however, surely the smartphone will feature Qualcomm's flagship processor, the Snapdragon 865.

Source: GSMArena


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