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‘It means a lot’: Scarborough patty shop owner on the value of a Drake…

by ace

TORONTO – A small Jamaican burger shop in Scarborough is experiencing a wave of recent fame after Toronto’s most famous artist gave his stamp of approval.

Patty Stop, located near Port Union Road and Lawrence Avenue East, received a compliment from Drake on Instagram earlier this week. The rapper posted a photo of one of the store’s stuffed hamburgers to his 68.8 million followers and the response that followed was incredible, according to co-owner Freddy Gyebi.

“In terms of social media, my Instagram followers skyrocketed,” Gyebi told CTV News Toronto. “My opinions have skyrocketed.”

Gyebi says he’s been friends with Drake for some time, but admits that he didn’t actually know that the rap star would take to Instagram to show his support.

“A few weeks ago, he was just like you, I need to try one of his stuffed hamburgers,” said Gyebi.

So the restaurant owner went to Drake’s mega mansion on The Bridle Path for a personal party.

“Assemble the whole shebang, in terms of lettuce, tomatoes. I made the stuffed pot pie for him, he had it, he liked it. Then he had another one, said he liked it. And I didn’t know that he would post, nor did I know that he posted until one of my friends said ‘yo he posted’. “

The post that followed on Monday night was simple, a patty perched on a bench, identified @pattystopinc with an exploding head emoji, the last sign of respect.

Instagram: @ champagnepapi

According to Gyebi, the interest that followed was immense and is more than welcome after a forced closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had to hang up,” explains Gyebi. “COVID definitely affected the business, but we are still here, we can still sell our hamburgers to the community.”

Meanwhile, the owners started a GoFundMe Campaign in an effort to provide food to Toronto’s frontline workers, with the goal of serving 300 meals a week.

And although Gyebi admits that he has no culinary experience, he says his product is different because of what is needed.

“It is definitely the love we place in him. We put a lot of quality ingredients in our hamburgers. It’s just not an ordinary patty – he said. “Everything is homemade. Direct original of our recipes. “

Drake understands this effort, according to Gyebi, and says that’s why an endorsement by the city’s greatest artist is so significant.

“For me, it means a lot. It just shows that, you know, he believes in being a Torontonian. He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t like it, that’s the kind of person he is, ”said Gyebi.

“He’s doing this because he really likes the product and believes in it, you know.”

Patty Stop is located at 5506 Lawrence Avenue and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.


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