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Irina Shayk: "The simplest things make me happy"

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Irina Shayk: "The simplest things make me happy"

For someone from the Russian city of Yemanzhelinsk, where winter temperatures can be close to minus 10 degrees Celsius, landscapes dominated by the cold might be commonplace, but not. Irina Shayk confessed to us that running the latest Falconeri campaign in Iceland was a memorable experience. The landscapes of nature painted in infinite shades of blue and white proved to be more powerful than the cold that was felt on the skin. In front of the cameras, Irina shares the role with the snow and ice landscape and embodies the comfortable and elegant style of the Falconeri garments. Behind the cameras, photographer Giampaolo Sgura captures images that invite you to discover the fall / winter collection of the Italian brand.

Falconeri has natural fibers – cashmere in particular – as the main element of its collections, which reflects the brand's connection to nature, as well as accentuating its concern with sustainability. This season, Irina Shayk is the personality who wears the brand's philosophy and gives face to the advertising campaign. The Russian model continues to stand out on the fashion scene by maintaining an ascending career at the age of 34 just completed in early January.

He traveled to Iceland to photograph and film this fall / winter's Falconeri campaign. How was this experience?

It was definitely the most memorable experience of my life. The weather was crazy – very cold and without sun – but I was there with my Calzedonia family [the model has a special relationship with the Calzedonia Group, to which Falconeri belongs, because they bet on Irina since the beginning of her career ] and the landscapes were stunning. I have never seen such majestic seascapes in my life. I spent a wonderful time there. Iceland was on my bucket list for a long time, and I really thought it was great that Falconeri took me there to connect with Nature and truly feel that we are all part of it. This is what the campaign and the entire philosophy of the Falconeri brand are about: relating humans and nature.

Her modeling career has already taken her to various locations around the world. Where do you feel at home?

I love New York. It is a wonderful place, there are many agencies [for models] and it is where my home is.

At the end of a working day, what are the little pleasures in life that make you happy?

The simplest things make me happy: good food, getting enough sleep, going to the gym and relaxing in a spa.

We know that it is linked to solidarity projects. What are your occupations and interests outside the fashion world?

I am very attached to my friends and family. I also have a small solidarity project in Russia dedicated to children.

Given your connection to the family, how has motherhood changed your life?

I am blessed to have the best family in the world. I was raised with love and care. I know that my family will always support me and that makes me stronger. Motherhood did not change my life, but it did change my priorities.

Irina grew up in a family of women and is the mother of a girl. In this time of change for women, what messages do you want to pass on to the next generations?

A woman, for me, is an embodiment of power. Power to communicate, power to give life and change life. A woman can handle everything in this life. This is the message I want to send.

What, in your opinion, makes a woman beautiful and interesting?

The inner beauty, the charisma, the sense of humor, the way it behaves and presents itself to the world.

What lessons and memories from your childhood continue to accompany you in your adult life?

"Keep your feet on the ground, be nice and nice to people."

He has an unusually long career in fashion and has done a little bit of everything. What continues to fascinate you in the world of fashion and make you want to work in this medium?

Fashion can open many doors and it becomes possible to meet so many talented people that we admire. Fashion is changing very fast and what fascinates me is the way it celebrates different silhouettes of women. I love that fashion brings more and more diversity to campaigns and catwalks every year. Today there are no longer any standards of beauty – people from different backgrounds and silhouettes can succeed in fashion.

Is working in fashion like taking on different characters?

Different sides of the personality can be assumed, clearly, but we remain true to ourselves, we maintain our identity and who we are as a person.

Still regarding the moment of change that we live in, when is the fashion world different from the time it started?

It is different in everything. Now it is a world influenced by social networks and, by chance, I consider this to be a great opportunity for everyone because each person can launch a platform and raise their voice.

We know that Falconeri bases the brand on high-quality Italian cashmere production. What is, for you, most interesting and original about this brand?

The Falconeri brand is part of the Calzedonia Group, with which I have worked for over 12 years. Falconeri really knows how to produce high quality cashmere that lasts forever. Incredible quality of materials, great design – minimalist, trendy, classy and modern at the same time – all of this makes Falconeri a brand that stands out.

What are the secrets of your success?

Never take "No" for an answer. Know what I want. Have confidence in myself. Feel comfortable in my skin. And always be on the move.


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