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Interview: Dua Lipa's new rules

by ace

The pop artist

I have been a singer since I can remember [born in London in 1995]. My father was a musician, so music has always been very present in my house. My parents enjoyed listening to a lot of British rock music and I loved pop music. When I was 11 I moved to Kosovo and everybody listened to hip hop there, which made me learn to enjoy all kinds of music and enjoy different sounds. All of my music education has served as the basis for how I present my music as a mix of different genres, without borders. I consider myself a pop artist, but I don't want to summarize it. I want to create diverse sounds and be constantly evolving.

I was in elementary school when someone asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And I said, "I want to be a singer." But I didn't know it was a real job. I saw singers and pop stars on television and listened to music, but then I also saw cartoons on television and it wasn't like a cartoon character was a profession! I had no idea it was really possible. The music in Kosovo is very different. I wanted to do this on a global scale and I believe this passion has always remained and I just worked for it. I still feel like I'm working on it. I am an artist because I try to put my ideas on paper to share them with the world. And since making music is my passion, I am also music.

The family

My parents were very encouraging and were always the first to push us into the arts if that was what we really wanted to do. I wanted to go to drama school and they worked hard so I could go there on Saturdays so I could take every opportunity.

I will never forget my first concert. I had just moved to Kosovo, and although I have seen my father play live, this was the first time I saw an international group performing in Pristina. It was Method Man & Redman and it was my first contact with hip hop. I didn't know your music, but I started listening to them just before the concert because all my friends wanted to go. Because of that, I started to appreciate Wu Tan Clan and hip hop. I will never forget that moment because it was a very important moment in my life. It truly inspired me to want to go beyond what people expected me to do and create. I just wanted to leave [Kosovo] and do something different and I wasn't going to let anything stop me.

The road to success

There were many ups and downs. In all careers there are ups and downs and we always have to start from the bottom to really appreciate when things start to happen. I am very grateful for the numerous concerts I gave, where there were about 10 people in the audience, because now I have something that allows me to measure success. From starting to put some songs on paper, setting up meetings with people who could help me and being in the recording studio, until our first concerts with these small audiences has been a long way and I'm very grateful. My band and I have always talked about it – how hard we worked to raise the live show to where it is now and to see it flourish. This feeling is incredible, irreplaceable and it is truly exciting to see how it all came about.

There were so many things that I achieved, so many goals that I achieved that were part of my dreams. But I feel that I have much more to do and much more to give, which leads me to work much harder to be better and to do more. Finally being on a stage where I discovered what can be done makes me more curious about what else I can find on the horizon. [If I could go back] I'd say everything will be fine. That dreams come true, no matter what happens and ups and downs.

The stage

It's hard to explain this crazy feeling of getting on stage! A mixture of adrenaline and excitement with nerves and goose bumps. It's like the first time we fell in love with someone and we got super excited. We do not know what will happen, we have all the wildest expectations, but we do not know if we should take the first step – it is that sense of the unknown that stimulates me. This is how I feel before going on stage. And when I'm on stage I feel invincible, as if nothing in the world matters, because only this emotion counts, this feeling, telling the story, connecting with my fans. That is the most important thing. That's why I have such a passion for what I do. I love going to the studio and writing songs. [Leaving the studio] is, once again, a mixture of sensations. It is a sense of accomplishment. I have a band and a wonderful team of women who are with me on stage, and it's amazing that we can share that energy together for a few moments until everything calms down and gets back to normal. Then we do it all again the next day. We have been lucky because there have been so many wonderful concerts. We often go offstage and say, "It was fantastic! It was our best concert! Night after night, we do our best to be able to deliver the best possible performance and I feel it is something special to be able to share it with the people who are at it." return.

The inspiration

During my life I was inspired by strong female artists like Pink, Nelly Furtado and Alicia Keys. I love what they stand for, their candor, what they believe, the way they remained authentic and true to themselves. This is what I aspire to in my career. It was always very important for me to have these kinds of figures as a source of inspiration.

I like to write about what I know. My personal relationships are always the easiest to write unless I'm going through something complicated. In this case it can be difficult to write about it, especially if you are still very involved in this relationship. But it's also exciting and sincere – No cheaper therapy!

For me, the best time for me to be creative is in the morning. I like to wake up, have breakfast and go straight to the studio. I feel my brain works much better during the day. I know a lot of artists like to be in the studio at night, but I love mornings and afternoons and feel that this is where I am most active and when my brain works best.

The values

My passion makes me feel invincible! When I am on stage and can express myself and show my creativity it is my passion that allows me to always be the most genuine form of myself.

[The expression] "tout terriblement", at least as I understand it, means to allow oneself to be creative, to have no boundaries, to express oneself in the most natural way possible. I feel it is something we should live for everyday. It is important not to be frightened of the things we go through in life, but to allow ourselves to participate fully in everything. While it can sometimes be tempting to live our lives on autopilot, it is important to appreciate and be grateful for the things we do daily. I try to preserve my authenticity. Know who I am and what I believe. I never like to give in to something that is genuine to me. I have a clear idea of ​​how I see myself and what I want to do in my career and why I have this ability, although I am still learning, I can make certain decisions without any regrets, knowing what is and is not good for me. at some point in my life.

I am inspired by the compassion and kindness of those I admire. For the ability to keep a strong mind, to be patient, and yet to show love, though things may not always go the way they intended. Without these qualities there is no hope for us as a society or as a culture. It's always nice to see people treat others equally and with love. I get inspired when I travel and when I hear the stories of the people I know. Each has a different path and we should always have time to learn about the people around us. This is fantastic.

About freedom

Women have long been oppressed by the media. What is happening right now is revolutionary. We just stand for what we believe in, what we are comfortable doing, what seems true to us, and what makes us proud of ourselves. We do not accept to give in to anyone. Needless to say, for a woman in 2019 to be free is to live life by one's own rules.

About Libre perfume

When I choose a fragrance, it becomes my daily fragrance, that is, I do not necessarily change from daytime to nighttime. I know some people do, but instead I choose something that is a reflection of me. Something when my friends are around saying, "Oh, it's Dua." I feel that Libre has to do with me. It is very natural and smells great. Fragrances cause different sensations from person to person, may or may not work, but this fragrance is floral with some strong accents. Fits any time of day or night and is the perfect match for most women. The name stands out and fits well with the legacy of this French brand [Yves Saint Laurent]. Being free is something we all need to not forget, something we all deserve. And I am proud to be part of this fragrance because "being free" is what I stand for. For women in 2019, it represents a very significant part of who we are and we just want to live our lives the way we feel we deserve. That's why I consider fragrance to be a …


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