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India bans TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps

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The Indian government this week announced a ban on 59 applications developed by Chinese companies, on the grounds that the apps could be threatening the national security and defense of the country, opening an impasse between the two most populous nations in the world.

Among the products banned by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is ByteDance’s TikTok, which has the largest foreign market in the country. In addition to the feverish app at the moment, Xiaomi, India’s biggest smartphone seller, the Alibaba group and other giants have lost their reach in the Indian market.

Check the complete list of applications:

It is the first time that the world’s second largest internet market, with about half the population of 1.3 billion people, has withdrawn products from the market on the grounds that they come from a specific country.

The capital, New Delhi, said the team responsible for monitoring cyber emergencies received several alerts with concerns about data security and privacy breaches, which affect public order.

The New Delhi government also reported that it received reports with application information on the Android and iOS system that were stealing and transmitting user data, without authorization, to foreign servers.

Tarun Pathak, an analyst at research firm Counterpoint, explained to TechCrunch that one in three people with smartphones will be affected. Services such as TikTok, Club Factory and UC Browser, accounted for more than 500 million active users in the month of May, according to information from one of the main mobile information companies.

It was also shared with TechCrunch that 27 of the 59 apps were among the 1,000 Android apps in India in May.

The details of the ban are not yet clear, nor how Internet service providers and operating system manufacturers should follow the rule.

Google told TechCrunch that it had not been notified by the Indian capital and that it was reviewing the request. There are usually requests to remove applications.

The decision is the newest impasse between the nations after a confrontation initiated by the countries, which border, in the month of June.

Since then, the existing anti-China sentiment has increased significantly, being very noticeable on social networks like Twitter, where you can see posts of people destroying smartphones and other Chinese products.

Chinese cellphone manufacturers have more than 80% of the Indian market, the second largest in the world. And industrial shipments from the country further east have also been halted at Indian customs.

Analysts told TechCrunch that the move was surprising and will have a major impact on Chinese companies, while also hurting several Indians who work directly or indirectly for applications.

In the previous week, an application called “Remove China apps” became popular in the country with a majority Hindu for removing from the smartphone apps maintained by Chinese development companies. Google, again, acted and removed it from the store, saying the program violated guidelines.

Investments in India

In April, the foreign investment policy in India was changed, requiring all neighboring countries to seek approval in New Delhi for future actions.

The Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade adopted the measure to stop opportunistic acquisitions of Indian companies struggling during the pandemic.

But it is not the first time that TikTok has been blocked on the neighbor. Last year, the app was banned for a week and ByteDance declared in court that it was losing more than $ 500,000 a day. The company spoke today, 30, stating that it works to comply with the New Delhi measures.


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