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In 2020 wear a suit with nothing underneath

by ace
In 2020 wear a suit with nothing underneath

If you googling how to wear a suit with nothing underneath, apart from the recommendations made to men, you will find a range of celebrities who have opted for a different approach to the classic suit, as well as the versions that filled Givenchy and Saint Laurent catwalks for the next spring summer.

The trend is gathering more and more fans, so that the number of celebrities who venture to wear blazer with nothing underneath has been increasing by sight. It's not unheard of: Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, used a low-cut version in 2013. However, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Amber Valletta, Zendaya or Kristen Stewart are some of the celebrities who chose the red carpet combination. Not only is it a feminine way of wearing a set that traditionally belonged to their closet, it's a chest claim that can escape the censorship of Instagram. And why not, it's also an effective trick when it comes to turning any fact into a sexier version. Another proponent of the trend is inevitably Kim Kardashian, who has released a tape to lift the bust and prevent it from moving, available in three shades of skin. Promised not to sweat and hold on for 12 hours, the reality show queen even posted a step-by-step video of how this sticker applies.

If in the 1980s, with the rise of women to positions of power, power dressing triumphed, and in the 1990s oversized sets gained prominence, the beginning of this new decade is destined for the free-breasted suit. Emily Ratajkowski turned the look viral, posing for her 24 million Instagram followers in blazer and miniskirt to promote her new clothing brand.



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