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IAPMEI President: We will meet the goal of paying 1.6 billion to …

by ace

The president of IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation admits that there are delays in payments from Portugal 2020 to companies, but still says that the payments made are substantially higher than those made under the NSRF, in a similar period.

In an interview with Business and Antena1, Nuno Mangas reveals that, until the end of October, 1.5 billion euros were paid to the companies and that by the end of the year will meet the set target of 1.6 billion euros.

"In the context of Portugal 2020, by October 30 or 31, IAPMEI had already paid and transferred to companies 1.5 billion euros. When compared to QREN, this volume compares with 641 million euros, ie In the same period, we paid about 2.5 times more than in NSRF, stresses the leader of IAPMEI.

In this context, Nuno Mangas values ​​the levels of execution of PT 2020. "Although we admit that sometimes there is some delay, the volume of payments that is made today is incomparably higher than it was in the same period in the NSRF. And it is good that we have this perception ", emphasizes.

This interview with the president of IAPMEI can be read in full in print or online premium version of Business, starting Monday, December 16.



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