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How to organize the home and beauty routines

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How to organize the home and beauty routines

Clean the brushes and makeup sponges. You should keep brush and sponges clean at least once a month, but this time-consuming process is often overlooked. The brushes accumulate bacteria, transmitting them to the skin, which can cause skin reactions, such as pimples. Wash them with lukewarm water and specific soap (you can find them at Sephora, Perfumes & Companhia and Douglas online stores), but if you don't have it, you can use baby shampoo or another mild soap. Let them air dry on a towel.

Disinfect beauty tools. This is the perfect time to clean all your beauty accessories: wash your bags and bags in the machine or hand where you store your products, and dry them in the sun; disinfect eyelash rollers that often accumulate masks; clean lipsticks you haven't used in a while; wipe the product boxes you use daily with a damp cloth; wash combs and hairbrushes, etc.

Apply Marie Kondo's techniques to beauty products. The organization's guru gives several suggestions for arranging cosmetics in a practical way. Start by separating the products in your home into three batches: one with things that are in good condition, but that you will no longer use (that cream that you opened, but did not love the texture, the perfume you bought by mistake or make-up that you never got to use), to donate; another with items that you don't use and that have been open for too long and should be put in the trash; and another for those products you can't live without. Use boxes to separate the products and place them in the same place so that you can see everything when using them.

Offer an immersion bath. The immersion baths represent an indisputably relaxing moment: the hot water reduces pain, the steam relieves symptoms of colds and the feeling of being in the water is comforting. In addition, this moment of total abstraction helps to reduce anxiety and leaves a prolonged sense of well-being that can reduce insomnia. Combine this moment with the aromatherapy of scented candles and a facial or eye mask. Leave technology aside with one exception: if your house is full and the noise is unavoidable, put some relaxing music on your headphones.

Fix the medicine cabinet. It is the perfect time to realize what you have kept there and throw away all the medicines that have passed the deadline and deliver them to the pharmacy closest to your home for recycling, when this is possible.

Dye your hair at home. The excuses are diverse when it comes to coloring your hair at home. But unless you prefer to expose the white roots, this is the time to experiment. It's easier than it looks, especially if you don't have locks, and you can buy the paints at the supermarket (L'Oréal Paris, Schwarzkopf, Garnier, Wella), at the pharmacy (Phyto) and at the Granary stores (Herbatint) if possible on the spot or through shopping sites.

Apply all kinds of masks. You may admit that you rarely do them because almost all of them require 15 to 30 minutes of pose, but now you can do them while working or relaxing on the couch: there are masks for your feet, lips, hair and face. Why not alternate them every day?

Spend more time in the shower. For the sake of the environment, we do not suggest that you spend much more time underwater when taking a shower, but it may well moisten your skin and do a body scrub before taking a shower. Do it once a week.

Invest in the beauty routine. You probably have a range of products at home that you end up putting aside on a daily basis, because you don't have time for everything. Explore what you have at home and take the opportunity to apply the specific products for each area of ​​the face (exfoliating, tonic, vitamin C serum, eye cream, moisturizer, night cream) and body (firming for the chest, anti-stretch mark cream) , anti-cellulite on the thighs and legs, moisturizing oil on the legs).

Offer a self-massage. Relaxing and with results in the firmness and texture of the skin, self-massages are perfect to put into practice in the coming days. On the Instagram pages of @izabeldepaula_oficial you will find several suggestions for body massages and at @ velvet.elegance some techniques for a manual facial lifting at home.

Do research online. Take the opportunity to research the cosmetic brands that are not sold in perfumeries or in large Portuguese stores. There are countless beauty products that have already won the status of icons and that are only available to us through online orders. The same is true for some niche perfumes. Brands like The Ordinary, Drunk Elephant, Le Labo and Nasomatto deserve some attention.

Try something you've always been curious about. Being at home has the benefit of giving you the opportunity to safely experience products you have always been curious about. This is the case with menstrual cups, homemade peels (with the right products), foot masks that remove dead cells or even bold make-up looks.

Move yourself! There are no excuses for not exercising at home. There are already several personal trainers and Yoga or Pilates instructors who make classes available for free online. This is the case of Circle-Augmented Wellness, which from Monday to Saturday offers live classes at 9am and 6.30pm through the Zoom.us platform. To join, just send the contact by message on Instagram @circle_pt.

Ask the experts for advice. There are already several brands that offer advice from their experts. This is the case of Kiehl’s, Lancôme and Biotherm, whose beauty advisers make personalized diagnostics and product advice through social networks. You can send a private message on their Facebook pages, and Kiehl’s still has the possibility to reply on their Instagram page. The same is true of Lierac and Jowaé pharmaceutical counselors who make their knowledge available via Facebook. For hair care, Phyto pharmaceutical counselors and René Furterer specialists are also online, the latter being available via Whatsapp on 92 103 84 03.

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