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How to make up eye contour

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How to make up eye contour

Ideal tones
José Teixeira, Makeup Artist Dior, considers that contrasting colors are ideal for each eye color: "For green eyes, pink pigments, in colors like bordeaux, aubergine and violet. For blue eyes, colors with yellow pigments, like the shades of orange, gold, bronze, red and brown. And for brown eyes, the blue pigment in shades of gray, purple and violet. " The makeup artist warns of the no rule rule: "It is a mistake to assume that we cannot use makeup of the same eye color. We are not going to get the same highlight, but a harmony tone over tone."

Tired look
The tired look, the result of hours at the computer or sleep deprivation, has in blue pencil the immediate solution. The makeup artist recommends using it on the water line. "In the case of deep and marked dark circles, I use the corrector in the upper inner corner and lower eyelid, from the inner corner to the middle of the eye. It is advisable to avoid the center to the outer corner, as it will highlight any expression line or wrinkle. that may exist. "

Look down
"To combat tired eyelids, it is best to use the well-marked dark shades on the upper eyelid, faded from the inside out and from the bottom up. It is not appropriate to use any makeup (eyelash mask included) on the lower part of the eye, except the broker. This trick will look up by the optical effect of instant lift.

Color correctors
There is a color to correct every unwanted eye contour situation, whether it is redness or dark circles. José Teixeira recommends the green corrector to attenuate all reddish skin tones; Peach tone to correct dark and dark circles under the eyes, to lighten black skin or correct pigmentation spots; yellow to lighten dark skin and to correct dark blue circles; and the blue to light up a tired and dull rest.

Before or after?
Makeup artist Mafalda Esperança admits that there is no right or wrong when choosing what to apply first, but confesses that, as it happens to her, most professional makeup artists choose to apply the foundation first and only then the broker: do not cut off the effect of the corrector, the effect of which is to illuminate. This product should always have a tone below the base tone, which is why it should be applied above to illuminate the eye area. "

Yes to the primer
Applying make-up to a wrinkled eye contour can present some difficulties. In addition to daily moisturizing and frequent eye contour masks, the eye primer is a surefire ally to prevent wrinkles from becoming too obvious with shadows or corrector application.

Make up
The process of removing makeup is one of the main mistakes made in the eye contour area. Using eye-stinging soaps or mild soaps that remove lashes and leaving traces of makeup are some of the examples most women have gone through.

Do not rub eyes: In addition to irritating eyes, it can stimulate the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, soak a cotton in biphasic makeup remover (a hybrid of water and oil), press over the eyes, wait a few seconds for the makeup to break and remove with a gentle downward motion. Afterwards you can apply micellar water to remove the remaining residue. Alternatives such as make-up wipes remain, an SOS to resort to when the rush is greatest, but always choosing products that contain mild, eye-specific agents. Monika Zochowska, cofounder and CEO of Glov, also recommends the make-up glove: "Glov is a natural and simple way to remove make-up. It works only with water and replaces makeup lotions, creams and discs. Glov glove removes eyelash mask and eyeliner and gentle to the eye contour, even for those who wear contact lenses. Its microfibres attract make-up residue like a magnet and don't need to rub the skin. Comfortable and practical size, Glov is a shape easy and pleasant to remove eye makeup. "

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