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How do you fall asleep when it’s hot?

by ace
How do you fall asleep when it's hot?

Summer’s definitely here. Temperatures are getting hotter, and according to the weather expert website Accuweather, this year the heat will be even more persistent in Portugal than last summer, with the possibility of dangerous heat waves throughout the Iberian peninsula. These high temperatures make sleep difficult, since to sleep well and quickly the temperature must be mild (for most people, of course). Good news? There are at least six things you can do so that falling asleep with heat is not a problem.

Opt for a light meal at dinner
The rule extends to all days of the year, not only in summer. Avoid foods that take longer to digest, such as hummus (which has grain) – for example. In general, avoid high-protein dinners (meat, eggs…) and fats.

Keep the water close by
Water is indispensable to maintain body hydration. In summer, with high temperatures, water can be the solution to many problems. So always have a bottle of water nearby and drink a glass of fresh water before going to sleep. This gesture will help the body temperature drop.

Take a hot bath
Yes, read well, a slightly hot water bath – the warm temperature. Although high temperatures ask for something cooler, the bath is different. To help the body lower the temperature warm water is ideal, because contrary to what many people think, in response to cold water the body produces heat.

Moisten the sheets to refresh
Thinking about evaporating the water, spraying a little liquid on the sheets will cause the humidification to bring cold to the environment, making it cooler. Thus, the body does not stay in hot sheets, lowering its temperature, and causing us to fall asleep faster.

Wear cotton clothes
Silk, synthetic fibers, linen… There are several materials that make the bed more comfortable and cozy. However, in summer, the rule is to be faithful to cotton, a fresh fabric that allows the skin to breathe more easily.

Do meditation
In this summer season the general agitation is common, and turning around in bed every two minutes does not help at all. Try to take your mind elsewhere and not focus on the heat. Meditating, even for ten minutes, helps disconnect from daily stress and heat from the environment. And relaxing, of course, makes you more easy to get asleep.


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