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Hisense shares the best advice to organize and optimize the space of the …

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Hisense shares the best advice to organize and optimize the space of the ...

In view of the situation we all live in today, the Hisense, a leading consumer technology company, seeks to share some recommendations to improve the comfort and safety of users, in particular some ideas on how it is possible to optimize large quantities of food and promote the hygiene of our refrigerators.

No advice is universal as it will depend on the model, capacity and characteristics of each appliance. However, we can take into account a series of recommendations when organizing our products.

Hisense shares the best advice to organize and optimize the space of the ...

Advice for preserving our food and the hygiene of our refrigerator

Realistically and optimally manage our purchases

More than ever, during these days good meal planning is essential for us to be more efficient. For this reason, we must take into account the type of equipment we have at home. Overfilling our appliances causes the cold to not be properly distributed in some refrigerators and, for this reason, we only have to store the food necessary for it to circulate normally.

On Hisense Side by Side models such as RS670N4BC3 A +++ the Multi Air Flow function has multiple ventilation holes that allow cold air to spread throughout the space and ensure efficient cooling at ideal temperatures.

Organize food according to its characteristics and needs

Ordering our refrigerator correctly not only favors the maintenance of our food and the appliance itself, but it is also an effective way to save energy especially now that we must stay at home. Each compartment of our refrigerator is specifically designed for a specific type of food, since each zone can be at a different temperature.

Thanks to refrigerators like the Cross Door RQ689N4AC2 A ++ , which have ample space to accommodate all types of products in the most comfortable and accessible way possible, with the option My Fresh Choice it is easily possible to configure the lower right compartment choosing between fridge or freezer by adjusting the temperature.

At Hisense we suggest that for products that require less cold use the highest shelf on the refrigerator door. This space will be used for products such as drinks, sauces or eggs.

During these days we will cook more than usual and we will also have more leftovers to store. If you choose not to freeze leftovers, you can choose to store them in the middle zones and also include dairy products and preserves here. Fresh foods such as vegetables, meat and fish should be kept in cooler areas, which is usually the lowest zone. To increase their conservation, we recommend that they be stored individually and in packages or boxes. During these days when we are going to reserve an important amount of food in the freezer, it is essential that they are kept indicating their content and the freezing date.

Hisense shares the best advice to organize and optimize the space of the ...

Keep the inside and outside of the refrigerator always clean

We must maintain the hygiene of our appliances and preserve food properly to avoid mixing odors or our refrigerator to stop working properly.

For a thorough cleaning, we must turn off the refrigerator so as not to consume energy unnecessarily. We must also remove the food inside the refrigerator, remove all extractable parts and thoroughly clean both the interior walls and the doors. For this we must avoid using abrasive products or that generate unpleasant and unnatural odors. Normally it is recommended to use vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda dissolved in hot water or simply with warm water.

It must be borne in mind that condensation and food debris can accumulate in some areas, such as drip trays, drain holes and other ducts and pipes. It is convenient to keep them clean to extend the life of the refrigerator. In order to favor maintenance, Hisense offers in its different models the Triple Tech Cooling system capable of conserving the different humidity conditions for each compartment, thus avoiding the mixture of odors and drying the food.

Check the correct leveling of your appliance

It is essential to check the perfect balance of the four supports of the refrigerator so that the equipment door closes automatically and keeps it sealed. For this reason, Hisense has a complete range of cold products with adjustable supports so that they are adaptable to any surface.

Defrost the freezer from time to time

If you do not have a model with the Total No Frost function, included in Hisense refrigerators like the RS694N4TF2 A ++, you must defrost your freezer to make better use of the space and avoid the possibility of a malfunction. It is recommended to do this at least once a year, or when the layer of ice that covers the internal walls exceeds five millimeters in thickness.



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