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Helena Roseta leaves Lisbon City Hall

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Helena Roseta leaves Lisbon City Hall

At the end of this month Helena Roseta leaves the position of municipal deputy and mayor of Lisbon. The resignation was announced this Thursday at a dinner with members of the Citizens movement for Lisbon, for which she was elected to the municipality of the capital.

The architect and specialist in the area of ​​housing, also left this year Parliament, where she held the position of deputy elected there by the PS. "Almost at the age of 72, the time has come to claim my own time," he said. "I will retire from political office, but not from politics or life," he said.

Farewell, Helena Roseta returned to the theme to which she has always been dedicated, that of housing, stressing that in the case of Lisbon, "the problem of housing is not solved only in the city" and that, similarly to what has already been done With transport, "we need a metropolitan housing program."

"It's a challenge I leave," he said. "So that we don't have an increasingly expensive center and people living farther and farther from the center, moving farther and farther to the periphery."

"Cities are the stage where things are happening" and there are "things that every citizen can do for them: know, care and demand," said the president of the Municipal Assembly, who made a point of leaving some demands. "Twelve years ago, when we launched this movement, we had two major causes, transparency and participation." Now, Lisbon "is nearing the end of a cycle of urbanism" and so this is "a time for change".

A message to Manuel Salgado, who left the post of city councilman for 12 years, but announced that he intended to continue to lead the municipal construction company, SRU. "Lisbon owes a lot to Manuel Salgado, we must not fail to recognize, but a new cycle is also a new opportunity and a paradigm shift is needed. If it is a new cycle, those who leave must leave completely, said it to himself and said him to the president ". Keeping Manuel Salgado "is a serious political mistake," he said.



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