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Hanging bodies and laser beams, 'Romeo and Juliet' arrives today at the National Theater …

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Hanging bodies and laser beams, 'Romeo and Juliet' arrives today at the National Theater ...

We got used to thinking about Romeo and Juliet in all their traditionalism and period costumes representative of the 16th century. After all, William Shakespeare's immortal work started from a text, became a theatrical play, published as a book and conquered the world in paintings, films in cinema and on television. But don't expect to see the iconic veranda scene in the version of John Romão's play that debuts today at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in Lisbon.

The tragedy remains, but there is room for contemporaneity. The director was inspired by the speed of the new generation and questioned the place of the body today to think about the presentation of the show. "Working with Shakespeare in a very general way is almost impossible," John told the group of journalists at the presentation of the play's rehearsal to the press. Therefore, the free and transgressive approach to the love story is a constant reference to modern times.

We see the suspension of the bodies of Romeo, Julieta, Benvólio, Mercúcio and Teobaldo – the same five characters who die in the narrative – in structures that seem to levitate under the eyes of the audience. The scene is completed only with light games with laser beams, which reinforce the limits and boundaries of the Montéquio and Capuleto families. For John Romão, Romeu and Julieta are two young people who advance incessantly with their eyes set on the future and "run over" the present of their bodies that will only be together in death, that is, in the absence (or apogee) of speed.

Viewers will see characters who succumb to gravity, in a time marked by a dizzying acceleration that makes bodies run to the end. A perfect blend of the 1595 classic and life in 2020.

What? Romeo and Juliet. Where? Sala Garrett of the National Theater D. Maria II, at Praça D. Pedro IV, Lisbon. When? Until March 1, Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm; Thursday and Friday at 9pm and Sunday at 4pm. How much? From € 4.50 to € 16.

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