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Hamilton's new watch: PSR is back

by ace
Hamilton's new watch: PSR is back

Hamilton will bring back the original PSR watch. It is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the company's legendary equipment, Pulsar Time, the first digital watch that was commercialized and that was a great success in 1972 (the watch was announced in 1950 making it 50 years this year).

Being able to see the time through an LED screen that had light when a button was pressed was considered the future of the world of technology. James Bond, for example, used one of these devices in the film “Live and Let Die”.

Cheaper watches followed and perhaps that's why Hamilton's great equipment lost some of its fame. Or perhaps because the copies that followed always had the hours visible (that is, we didn't have to press any buttons).

The truth is that the new equipment created will be sold under the Hamilton brand and not under the Pulsar brand is that the company no longer has rights to the name, since it sold those rights to its rival, Seiko, in 1977.

The new PSR equipment has improved over the original Pulsar in some ways. In an effort to make the watch more useful for the user, the screen is now a hybrid LCD and OLED that always shows the time (even with dim lights). A light remains on when a button is pressed, however. This new equipment will also have an anti-reflective cover and a water resistance of up to 100 meters in depth.

Unfortunately it must be borne in mind that the Hamilton PSR is not cheap, especially when compared to the standard digital watch. The price is estimated at $ 750 for a stainless steel model and $ 995 for a limited edition gold PVD model. But the truth is that the original Pulsar came to $ 2100 so seen this way we can even consider this new equipment cheap.

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