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Guaidó says negotiations with Maduro government are “impossible”

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Guaidó says negotiations with Maduro government are “impossible”

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized by nearly 60 countries as interim president of Venezuela, considered new negotiations with the government “impossible”, although a delegation from Norway, intermediary in previous dialogues, was in the country.

"It is not that we do not want a negotiation, we see it as impossible, because these gentlemen (government) have enjoyed with us time and time again," said the Venezuelan opposition leader at an open town hall meeting in Caracas.

Guaidó's own communications team reported on Friday about the visit of the Norwegian delegation, but at the time declined to reopen a dialogue with the government of Venezuelan President-elect Nicolas Maduro, saying it “prevented any negotiated solution”.

Guaidó stressed that for the citizens it is "evident" that there are several possibilities to end the so-called Bolivarian revolution, in power since 1999, and assured that the important thing is to "get out of it".

When questioned by journalists, he stated that "the mechanisms to overcome the tragedy", which he believes Venezuela is living, must be "with conditions: respect the people, respect the word." "We have been very clear that the conditions for any kind of farce are not created at this time," he said, referring to a possible dialogue.

Asked if there had been “direct contact” with the Government, he replied “no”.

The Guaidó National Communication Center (CNC) on Friday said in a statement informing it of the arrival of the Norwegian delegation that "the Oslo-Barbados (negotiation) process has been terminated" and therefore would not “Attend no meetings”.

Guaidó announced last September his withdrawal from the Norwegian-sponsored lawsuit, a month and a half after Maduro's executive had done the same.

Maduro suspended talks on the grounds that Guaido “celebrates, promotes and supports” US government sanctions against Venezuelan executives and companies.

Between September 2017 and January 2018, the government and the opposition sat for the first time at the negotiating table in the Dominican Republic, although the talks did not bear fruit, and the ruling Chavismo eventually called for unrecognized elections. by a large part of the international community.

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