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Google announces deal to buy Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion

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Google announces deal to buy Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion

Google today announced an agreement to buy Fitbit, a US-based smartwatch maker, for $ 2.1 billion (about 1.9 billion euros).

The deal may put Google in direct competition with Apple and Samsung in the highly competitive smartwatch and other mobile market, but raises questions about Google's privacy and technology dominance.

The announcement about the Fitbit purchase came with the promise that personal data, health and welfare information will not be used for Google ads.

Fitbit is a pioneer in portable fitness device technology, manufacturing a variety of products, from basic detectors that count the user's daily steps to smartwatches that display phone messages and notifications.

The devices are used in activities such as cycling and swimming and allow you to record heartbeat and sleep patterns.

Fitbit users typically ask for data such as date of birth, gender, height and weight to help, for example, estimate lost calories.

Some people use the Fitbit app to record what they eat and drink.

The company has 28 million users worldwide and has sold over 100 million devices.

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