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Ghost of Tsushima has forty biomes across the vast open world map

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The long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima is an open world title that develops its action at the end of the 13th century, with a samurai theme, at a time when the Mongol empire devastated entire nations in the ambition of its campaign to conquer the East and, in particular , the island of Tsushima which is the last point of defense between Japanese territory and the huge Mongol invasion.

According to the development team, the world that players will soon have access to allows for an exploration of the territory of Tsushima, a Japanese island located between the country’s main territory and the Korean peninsula. Joanna Wang, responsible for the design of environments at Sucker Punch, reveals that throughout this work “[visitou] Tsushima on several occasions. It is a beautiful place, full of mountains and dense forests. Green covers almost everything on the island, from the horizon at the top of the mountains to the ocean ”, where he adds that“ the recreation of the island is not exact, it is more a love letter to all its parts ”.

The awaited Ghost of Tsushima arrived exclusively for Playstation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro next Friday, July 17th. Therefore, our analysis will be published next Tuesday, July 14th, as soon as the current embargo is lifted, thus recommending our readers to accompany us on that day.

In view of what was exposed by the studio, we learn that it has used various elements of the island, reconfigured with typically Japanese aspirations to build the world of Ghost of Tsushima. So says Joanna Wang who, “[…] during our trip, we recorded the birds and the sounds of nature and digitized the flora of the island of Tsushima to use in the game. It was a way to bring some of the real Tshusima to the players ”.

We also remember that even on July 3rd, Sucker Punch Productions had presented some of the main themes used in the Ghost of Tsushima soundtrack. The success of the soundtrack used in the game was ensured thanks to two renowned composers – one English and the other Japanese – IIan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi.

Also during the communication, the artistic responsible of Sucker Punch He added that the game map is still divided into three major regions, with more than forty different biomes and hundreds of points of interest. “When we create an open world, we always start from the premise that“ if we can see it, we can achieve it ”,” he says.

The world of Ghost of Tsushima it is an authentic world, full of surprises and where nature is the key to the game, which has a unique mechanic called Wind Guide, which helps guide players to their destination through the wind – quite useful by the way.

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