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GEOTA complains about Iberdrola's "non-compliance"

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GEOTA complains about Iberdrola's "non-compliance"

The Geota group filed a complaint this Thursday with the General Inspectorate of Agriculture, the Sea, the Environment and Spatial Planning (IGAMAOT) about Iberdrola's "failure to comply with the measures" for the construction of the Alto Tâmega dams. According to the complaint, the Territorial Planning and Environment Study Group (GEOTA) speaks of "non-compliance with measures" to which Iberdrola has committed itself to constructing the dams of the Tâmega Electroproductive System and reports on "forced evictions, ethical, social and "in the process of relocating the families affected by the construction of the Daivões dam in Ribeira de Pena municipality." Reports from the affected families show desperate situations, with pressures for a quick settlement within months of leaving their homes. including reports of threats to anyone who challenged the values ​​proposed by Iberdrola, "Ana Brazão of the environmental association said in a statement.

Contacted by Lusa agency, Iberdrola said it will not comment on GEOTA's statement.

"The construction of a house can last much more than two years. However, it was only during this time that Iberdrola committed to families to pay for the rental of containers where they will relocate them. As members of the Environmental Monitoring Committee, we have already talked about this. problem for over a year, requiring a definitive and agreed solution with those affected, "said the environmental association.

The Daivões reservoir, included in the Tâmega Electroproducer System, begins to fill in the summer of 2020. At this moment, the process of resettlement of some of the affected families in the municipality of Ribeira de Pena, Vila Real district, has not yet been completed.

"In June, at the meeting we requested from Iberdrola, it also denied reviewing the blast warning procedure, claiming that local complaints to GEOTA would result from suggestion. The requirement for psychological counseling to families as environmental displaced persons or response had, "said the organization.

The environmental association lamented that "the requests submitted to the company, with knowledge of the Portuguese Environment Agency, have been overlooked" and said that they also received no response from the Ministry of Environment, who requested "action on November 15".

"We have only recently seen a concern on the part of Ribeira de Pena City Council to claim a written agreement with Iberdrola to protect its most affected residents because it did not refer to it at the meetings of the Environmental Monitoring Committee," he said. GEOTA.

Last week, Mayor of Ribeira de Pena, João Noronha, informed that Iberdrola will pay 1.4 million euros more compensation to families affected by the construction of the dam of Daivões.

It is, according to the mayor, "an additional compensation to the value that people already received from the company".

The mayor also said that an alternative to containers is being sought, which he considered not to have the "minimum conditions" to receive residents.

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