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From fashion to culture, what's new?

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From fashion to culture, what's new?

At a time when unsuspecting art critics, such as Waldemar Januszczak, question the value of some fine artists of the moment, it is reassuring to be able to revisit the untouchable work of Paula Rego (Lisbon, 1935) in the Paula Rego – Serralves Collection exhibition. This is the second unmissable opportunity, after 15 years, to appreciate the nucleus of works of that Collection, this time dating from 1960 to the present time. From October 24 to March 8, 2020.

They are a must for women who dare color and make a difference. These technicolor boots, which join shoes with tight "socks" to the leg, are made of new synthetic materials and require high legs. Stretch boots in technological fabric, Fendi.

The eyeliner and eyeshadow color fall / winter to brighten the look and help combat the melancholy of the coming gray days. Example? This red line on a golden shadow, inspired by Val Garland, make-up artist of L'Oréal Paris.

When, among us, we write and publish it in a wild way, the bookstores become less and less desirable places and their sales are chilling, it is with unbridled joy that the news of António Lobo's new book is published. Antunes, The Other Margin of the Sea, for sale on September 24, edited by Dom Quixote. This novel, according to the publisher, "recovers the beginning of the upheaval in downtown Cassanje, Angola, falling before the colonial war when large cotton plantations began to be burned, key events for the development of the conflict." That publisher will also launch, in September, commemorative editions of the 40 years of publication of The Cus de Judas and Elephant Memories.

The words are from Pitchfork's Jenn Pelly about Lana Del Rey's latest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell (which some countries advise to be listened to first by their parents…): "In her elegant and complex fifth album, Lana Del Rey sings finely about freedom, transformation and the devastation of being alive. The album enthroned her as one of America's greatest songwriters. " The title is ironic in reinterpreting the name of Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), who painted his idyllic view of the Americans and their country, in stark contrast to today's United States, which is experiencing one of its darkest moments. Already for sale.

It is worth investing in a trip to Paris to tour the Bacon en Toutes Lettres exhibition that the Pompidou Center devotes to the Irish painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992). Following the monographs dedicated to Duchamp, Magritte, Derain and Matisse, the Center continues the rereading of masterpieces from the last century and features a major exhibition on that Dublin-born painter. There are six rooms where you will hear excerpts from works by Eschyle, Nietzsche, Bataille, Leiris, Conrad and Eliot, authors who inspired works by Bacon. Until January 20th.

The watchword for the rentrée? Disconnect. The work plan for after September? Limit email, reduce hours on social networks and in front of television, and combat waste. This should also be a goal: to consume less and better, to have time for ourselves and live the moments spent live with family and friends. And be green. In short: renew ourselves, disconnect and live serenely.

After the great retrospective of the work of Lucien Freud (1922-2011) at Tate Britain in 2002, it is the turn of the Royal Academy of Arts, also in London, to exhibit for the first time more than half a hundred paintings, drawings and sketches revealing self-portraits of the painter in the exhibition Lucien Freud: The Self-portraits. From the first, in 1939, to the last, 64 years later, the show not only discloses Freud's physical evolution but also reveals the process of human aging. Lucien Freud is one of the rare painters of the twentieth century to portray himself with such consistency and insistence. From October 27 to January 26, 2020.

Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Call them ugly or beautiful, ugly sneakers or chuncky shoes leave no one indifferent and are still on the rise at a time when women's tennis shoes are the new wallets. Burberry shoes.

With the democratization of travel began the nightmare. There are miles of miles to climb Everest, on the Wall of China visitors jostle, oceans are polluted by bellboys, and the most idyllic places are ravaged by crowds of tourists, not always civilized, and ruined by inexplicable real estate projects. Therefore, it is imperative to visit undeveloped places. It is a new challenge. And places will not miss…

There is a rolling eye whenever an action movie starring women is announced. There is no reason for this unless there is something of dubious quality. Feminists applaud that films want to show powerful, non-submissive women, and that, despite Hollywood glamor, they are more than mere sexual or decorative objects in films of the genre usually men, men, and men only. So Atomic Blond 2, featuring Charlize Theron, or The Angels of Charlie, directed by Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Banks herself, may not guarantee Oscars, but promise good moments of action. Have a good time! Charlie's Angels premieres November 21st and Atomic Blond 2 has no date.

Much like a painting by Kazemir Malevitch, the new graphic patterns are imposed on the fall / winter collections and unfold, evoking a tribute to the Bauhaus, whose centenary is celebrated this year. Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter Parade 2019.

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