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Fox in Germany discovered with hoard of 100 shoes

by ace

TORONTO – Shoes – Serena Williams has a collection, as does Drake. Imelda Marcos was legendary for having about 3,000 pairs of them.

But in Germany, there is a passionate collector who hit neighbors and attracted the public’s attention by accumulating over a hundred shoes.

According to the BBC and Deutsche Welle, residents of a Berlin suburb complained about the disappearance of shoes in the yard – sometimes just a shoe, sometimes a pair. Someone – or something – was prowling the area and stealing them.

The culprit, it seems, was a fox, shamefully caught “in the act” with a pair of blue slippers in his mouth, according to the daily. Tagesspiegel. Christian Meyer, a local resident who took the photo, also discovered the fox’s colorful shoe, which included slippers, sandals and running shoes. Meyer’s missing shoes, however, were nowhere to be found.


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