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Fire dominated in Pampilhosa da Serra

by ace

The fire that broke out in the early afternoon today in Janeiro de Baixo, Pampilhosa da Serra (Coimbra), was said to have subsided at 22:19 and the consolidation work is now underway, CODIS of Coimbra told Lusa. “The fire is under control”, said the District Commander of Relief Operations (CODIS) of Coimbra, Carlos Luís Tavares, adding that the fire was said to have been under control at 22:19 and that “work to consolidate the entire perimeter”. Asked whether there is knowledge of how many hectares burned, Carlos Luís Tavares said that it is not yet possible to assess these data.

According to the information available on the website of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC), the fire is “in resolution” and, at 11:10 pm, there were 556 firefighters on the ground, supported by 159 vehicles and still an air environment.

The air assets, which reached at least 14 during the day, had demobilized in the early evening. The alert for this fire was given at 13:09, according to Civil Protection.


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