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Evora hospital directors and chiefs of service resign after audit

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Evora hospital directors and chiefs of service resign after audit

The directors and heads of service of the Espírito Santo de Évora Hospital (HESE) submitted the resignation en bloc, following the audit of the Court of Auditors (TdC), revealed this Friday, October 25, the agency Lusa hospital source.

"Unaware of the reasons for the improper payments and considering that the way the process was conducted is detrimental to his good name" present his resignation from the functions of direction, leadership and coordination, can be read in the letter signed by the 23 doctors with leadership positions, to which Lusa had access.

According to the ToC, the hospital in Évora appointed administrators who did not meet the legal and regulatory requirements for the position and made any improper payments to doctors with leadership functions.

These were the main findings of a TdC audit on the appointment and award of ancillary remuneration and supplements to HESE management staff for the period 2015-2018, whose report, dated September, was released on Wednesday. Hospital de Évora made illegal appointments and payments
The audit, which aimed to verify the legality and regularity of the appointment and award of supplements to hospital staff, revealed that appointments of staff "were not preceded by prior selection procedures that ensured the principles of equal opportunities, impartiality and participation that should guide the appointment to management positions. "TdC judges point the finger at 2017, when they were appointed, on a commission basis, senior technicians for hospital administrators," who did not meet the legal and regulatory requirements to hold office ".

"This appointment entailed a monthly remuneration increase of about 53%, resulting in an increase in remuneration charges of 64,517.44 euros, constituting a possible undue payment, and, as such, constituting reintegratory and sanctioning financial responsibility, attributable to the members of the management body, "reads the report.

The audit also found that the remuneration supplements granted to physicians for the functions of direction, leadership or coordination were paid fourteen (14) times a year instead of twelve (12) times, for an overall amount of 85,994.17 euros, "which also constitutes a possible improper payment, incurring those responsible for its payment in reinstatement and sanctioning liability."

The Court of Auditors therefore recommended to the Minister of Health that the competition procedure for the hospital administration career should be "preceded" by a functional needs assessment and a "cost-benefit analysis" and that it "ensure" compliance with the existing legal framework. concerning the payment of remuneration supplements to physicians performing directorship, leadership or coordination duties "in all NHS units.

In contradictory terms, Marta Dread revealed to the Judges of the Court that "a new information circular has already been issued which clarifies (…) without any doubt of any interpretative doubt, that remuneration supplements for physicians who perform duties of direction, leadership or coordination are due and paid in 12 months per year ".

Despite these explanations, the TdC nonetheless maintains that "the doubts raised" by the institutions, as well as the "situations identified" by the Court in the audits carried out and the "allegations made" by the board of the hospital of Évora – "in particular" (…) It is known (…) "that other NHS institutions" (…) continue to pay 14 (fourteen) months per year (…) "supplements -" warrant special attention to compliance with the legal framework in force in this area. "

The (several) allegations made by the Minister of Health "corroborate the conclusions of the Audit Report", the Court judges also concluded.

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