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EU rehearses "take it or leave it" at Brexit to pressure London

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EU rehearses "take it or leave it" at Brexit to pressure London

The pressure on London is accentuated so that on Wednesday it will be for time and, as such, the British Parliament can approve the new version of the UK's exit agreement from the European Union, which is scheduled for 31 October.

European leaders are pushing British MPs to approve the exit agreement yesterday validated at the European summit and which will be voted on in the House of Commons tomorrow.

The pressure is based on the idea that Brussels is not open to granting a new and third postponement of the planned Brexit date. However, despite indications to that effect, several voices have emerged rejecting the possibility of another postponement for good.

After Thursday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker assured that there would be no further extension of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, offered to clarify. that this is a hypothesis that cannot be completely ruled out if the British government so requests.

However, this Friday it was the turn of French President Emmanuel Macron and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to return to charge. Macron said he thought "a new postponement should not be granted" and Varadkar warned that no British MP should depart from "assuming unanimity (of the 27 Member States) about a postponement."

That is, both wanted to convey the idea that this is a kind of final offer that if not accepted by the House of Commons will imply an exit without agreement.

The German Chancellor's opinion was mixed, with Angela Merkel acknowledging that, in the context of a disorderly Brexit, Brussels will inevitably postpone the scheduled departure date.

After assurances that the versions negotiated by then-British Prime Minister Theresa May were the only possible way for a consensual Brexit between the parties to have been unwelcome by UK MPs, contributing to the lead in three votes Angela Merkel tries to prevent Saturday's vote from taking place under the threat of "take it or leave it".

"It is a free decision that has to be taken by the British parliament," the chancellor maintains.

Boris racing against time
While under pressure from Brussels, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson continued the race against time to seek the necessary support for Parliament's approval of the new version of the exit agreement, on which said on Thursday he was "very confident" that it would be ratified by MEPs after they had time to evaluate the content of the new compromise.

But despite the assurance of trust, Johnson still has a complex and unpredictable outcome. If the 10 Irish Unionist MPs vote against the agreement as announced by the DUP leadership, the Tory leader needs to secure the support of the parliamentarians he expelled from the conservative parliamentary bench after they supported the law that prevents an unauthorized exit. wake up.

Even so, it will still have to gather the support of the more orthodox and Eurosceptic wing of the "tories" (ERG), which like the DUP has always rejected the idea of ​​a customs border at the entrance of goods on the Irish island. Depending on the amount of support he can accumulate from these MPs, the Prime Minister may still need the votes of Labor MPs, knowing in advance that Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has already announced that he will vote against.

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