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EPE hospital workers on national strike for 24 hours

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EPE hospital workers on national strike for 24 hours

Workers at the EPE (Business Public Entities) hospitals today began a 24-hour national strike today at 00:01 to demand career advancement, length of service and admission of more professionals. The strike was called by the National Federation of Workers' Unions in CGTP, and also by the UGT Public Administration Workers Union (Sintap), and covers the EPE hospitals, which are the majority of the National Health Service hospital units. The 24-hour stoppage may affect the making or scheduling of appointments and examinations, as well as other scheduled services. Despite being called to the universe of all workers of the EPE, the strike must be carried out mainly by auxiliary and administrative and not so much by medical and nursing staff.

In a statement, the Trade Union Affected CGTP indicates that EPE hospital workers require the application of the collective bargaining agreement to all hospital units, the counting of the length of service so far provided and the admission of more workers.

The same union will on Thursday deliver at the Ministry of Health in Lisbon a memorandum with workers' claims.

Already the Sintap, affection to UGT, urges the Government to initiate business processes urgently and calls for a career progression for all workers, as well as the dignification of careers in health.

The Sintap also claims the payment of overdue and overdue overtime and compliance with the Work Collective Agreement for workers with individual work contracts.

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