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Enneagram. The formula that decipher your personality

by ace

Used as a tool for mapping the functioning of the personality in the way of thinking, feeling and acting, the Enneagram originates in Ancient Greece, describing nine personality patterns that are interconnected. It is therefore based on the principle that the human being integrates a great dimension and essence that he cannot recognize, since his levels of consciousness are dominated by his own personality. Swapping for kids: we may think we know each other but, in fact, not everyone knows why we act and react the way we do. As we become aware of who we are and why we are like this, everything becomes easier. WHO AM I? It is by identifying with one of the nine defined personality types that each individual makes contact with the general pattern of their functioning and comes to better understand the reasons why they live and act in a certain way. Then, access to a deeper level of self-awareness is allowed. Consequently, there is a behavioral change. As the progress of discovering the “I” progresses, the way in which the personality acts also changes, becoming peaceful and potentiating. When we understand the reasons behind a particular reaction, we begin to dominate something that until then was forbidden to us. We come to understand ourselves and others, giving way to inner peace and tranquility.


Considered by many scholars as an engine for the development of emotional intelligence, this system is highly accurate in its descriptions of how individuals belonging to each type think, feel and act, but it also lifts the veil over the hidden motivations for each pattern, also offering objective development activities that are tailored to the needs of each of the nine personality types. In addition to helping to develop a high level of self-awareness and self-acceptance, it helps with personal accountability for accepting the behavioral pattern. Instead of blaming possible and diverse circumstances for the existence of problems and difficulties, we now assume responsibility for the consequences of our own actions, thus opening up the place for growth and the breaking down of barriers that move us away from our goals.

The nine personality types, wings, arrows and triad

Each of the nine personality types is supported by two others (wings) and is related to two others through direct connections (arrows). The so-called wings and arrows influence each personality type and its behavioral variations. And each type of personality falls into one of three groups (triads) that express a certain gender or intelligence center (physical center: personality types 8, 9 and 1; intellectual: types 5, 6 and 7; and emotional: 2 , 3 and 4). Obviously, each type of personality is more directly related to others and integrates with them a series of characteristics and interactions that are consequent in their way of acting. It seems complex and it is, which is why it is always preferable that you use a course or a specialist if you choose to do your enneagram.

TYPE 1: The perfectionist and demanding. TYPE 2: The generous and proud. TYPE 3: The organizer is vain. TYPE 4: The emotional and introverted. TYPE 5: The observer and strategist. TYPE 6: Careful and loyal. TYPE 7: The impulsive and optimistic. TYPE 8: The defiant and authoritarian. TYPE 9: The mediator and indolent.

Coaching with enneagram

José Manuel Vieira, business consultant and executive coach, uses the enneagram as a tool in his coaching programs. Focused on business coaching, it integrates it “as a tool for a process of self-knowledge and personal transformation. Through the enneagram, the coacheevê facilitated the attainment of a deeper knowledge about himself. When we resort to the enneagram, the coach applies this tool performing a questionnaire (batteries of 20, 40 or more than 100 questions that are confirmed several times) “.

According to the responses and their analysis, the type of coach profile is determined. From this moment on, you will have access to all latent information. Perceiving himself better, the coachee acquires a deeper understanding of his potentials and weaknesses. From this moment, the conditions are met so that the coach can begin to guide him towards bringing his potential to a tangible reality. “It is a process of becoming aware of the potential and later of taking action.” Executive coaching works with leadership, communication and interpersonal relationships. It always depends on the framework, but the difference between being a boss to whom employees report good results for fear or obligation and the boss who leads employees to wear the jersey does not exceed eight to ten coaching sessions with an enneagram. “Many people do it not for professional reasons but for personal reasons, for family or even health reasons, to reach another level of personal development.”

In Portugal, enneagram coaching took its first steps about seven years ago. “It started to be more studied in the 60’s, having been used as a self-knowledge tool in coaching since the 80’s, mainly by internationally renowned professionals in the USA and Brazil.” But what does a company or a person gain from enneagram coaching? “The more in-depth the knowledge about yourself, the easier it will be to do a ‘re-programming’ that is in accordance with the desired objectives. because it allows the target to become aware of his potential and, at the same time, start doing everything in a different way. ” At the personal level, the same thing happens: “There is a greater alignment between what is done and the profile itself, and there is no longer a shift between action and function.”

* Text originally published in November 2014 [edição 314]


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