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Doting dad transforms daughter’s wheelchair into magical ‘Cinderella’ carriage

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A loving father turned his daughter's wheelchair into a brilliant carriage to complete her Halloween princess costume.

Josh Jaconelli of Glasgow, Scotland, posted a video on Facebook showing his six-year-old daughter, Ava, sitting in costume on her new carriage, covered in lights and Christmas ornaments.

Jaconelli told CTV News Channel that his family spent about two days creating the appropriate carriage for a princess.

"Ava, like any other six-year-old girl, wants to be a princess, so we wanted to make her day so special, because Ava can't come out as trick or treat like most kids, because she's void by mouth." Ava's mother Kayleigh Porter told CTV News Channel on Sunday.

"So we wanted to pay attention to her and see her face light up with the lights, and we wanted everyone to know how special she is to us and her family."

Ava has Aicardi Syndrome, which can cause seizures and vision problems.

"The video is really the first time Ava has seen her fantasy," Porter explained.

“Just before we turned on the lights, she had a seizure and was extremely tired. So we thought about turning on the lights and seeing how she reacts and her face was amazing.

"She was so impressed she didn't know where to look and it only brought a tear to our eyes because she was so tired of fitting. She was so pleased.

Jaconelli used the plumbing to make the frame, building it around the wheelchair before decorating it. The big-hearted dad filmed the video in his backyard in Scotland on Halloween and posted the clip that night.

"When we woke up the next day … we couldn't believe the answer," Porter said.

"We were very impressed with all the comments and going viral all over the world is amazing."

The video has been viewed over 1.6 million times on Facebook and shared over 5,700 times.

Ava and his family do not want to separate from the carriage even after it has been a success.

"She loves lights and loves being the center of attention, and she's definitely got the spotlight with that one," Porter added.

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