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Does your skin suffer from allergies, atopic dermatitis or acne? Not alone

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Does your skin suffer from allergies, atopic dermatitis or acne? Not alone

For the 24th consecutive year, La Roche-Posay has been at the Congress bringing together dermatology specialists in Madrid, this time revealing its progress in studying allergies, pain associated with atopic dermatitis, as well as the reaction of acne-prone skin to a New sunscreen.

The most recent study was conducted this year by the brand in five countries (China, Brazil, France, the United States and Russia) and found that most of the adult population has skin allergies, with 65% to 82% being diagnosed by health professionals. In addition, it was observed that skin reactions are a consequence for most participants, regardless of the type of allergy they have. Symptoms of these reactions range from itching, tugging, tingling, numbness, burning and pain.

Regarding atopic dermatitis, it was concluded that more than half of the surveyed population (55%) has pain associated with the disease. Information on the correlation between the two is still scarce, but new data has been collected that may contribute to treatment.

The Congress also stressed the importance of sunscreen when it comes to managing the acne trend as, although sun exposure helps in short-term improvements, it worsens in the global context. In a study of young adults with this skin problem, a new sunscreen was tested which, combining high UV protection and active ingredients, was effective in reducing skin marks, imperfections and even oiliness.

Finally, La Roche-Posay reinforces the importance of a good care routine given the impact of skin conditions on quality of life. Created by a pharmacist in 1975, the brand focuses on the most sensitive skin and is present in over 60 countries. It offers a unique range of daily skin care for each skin type that complements patient treatments and promotes good skin care practices.

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