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Do you really know what your hair needs?

by ace
Do you really know what your hair needs?

There are many good products on the market and for all types of hair, but it is no use using them without knowing exactly what your scalp and hair need. So the first step in finding out which products are right for you is to do a hair screening.

René Furterer has a device similar to a camera tablet that microscopically evaluates the scalp and a hair from root to tip. Recently the brand's master hairstylist, Diogo Perez was in Lisbon and demonstrated how to do a hair checkup. The equipment will travel through Portugal with specialized hairstylists, being an opportunity to find out exactly what it takes to have strong and hydrated hair. To find out where you can do this analysis, just follow the tag on Instagramwhere you will find the dates, cities and places where you can book diagnostics.

Ultra-damaged and brittle hair

If after beautiful sunny days with lots of beach you have the feeling that your hair is fragile and dull and needs intense repair, take a look at the new Absolue Keratine range. Rich in amino acids similar to those of natural hair keratin, the products in this line can be applied to straight, curly, dyed or stranded strands.

There are just three steps: a restorative shampoo, an ultra-cleansing mask (one for thin hair and one for thick hair) and a restorative leave-in beauty cream. The suggestion for those with oily scalp is to use Curbicia shampoo.

The promise is of visible result from the first application. The explanation is natural keratin, which rebuilds the hair fiber leaving the strands soft and shiny, in biocinidine, a complex of natural lipids identical to the skin, which seals the hair scales and the camelin oil, which restores the hair's natural defenses. It is also worth mentioning that the formulas do not contain sulfates or silicone.

Renewed Absolue Kératine range is René Furterer's intensive treatment for brittle hair

Do you really know what your hair needs?

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