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Discover the best selling car models in Portugal until June

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In a semester in which light passenger car sales in Portugal fell by almost half (-49.6%), the preferred models of the Portuguese changed significantly compared to the 2019 list.

The Renault Clio, nevertheless, maintained the status of the most popular car in the national market. The Renault model sold 3,346 units until June, having even strengthened its market share from 4.76% in last year’s total to 5.16%.

Clio represented 42.3% of sales of the French brand in the first half of the year. In second position is the Mercedes A-Class, with 2,531 vehicles sold. The most accessible model of the German brand represented 40.9% of Mercedes in the national market until June and reaches a market share of 3.9%, above the 3.5% registered in 2019.

Closing the podium is the Peugeot 208, with 1,967 units, which rises from the sixth position achieved in the set of 12 months of last year.

Renault and Peugeot – the two best-selling brands in Portugal in the first half – account for half of the Top 10 of the most popular models. Renaul has Clio in the lead and Captur (7th) and Megane (9th). Peugeot, of the PSA group, joins the 208 o 2008, in the fourth position.

Also among the 10 best-selling models are the aforementioned Mercedes A-Class, Citroën C3 (5th), BMW 1 Series (6th), Ford Focus (8th) and Toyota Yaris (10 .º).

Fiat’s debacle
The Italian brand suffered a drop of 73% in sales in the first half and this is reflected in the position of its main models.

The Fiat 500 occupies only the 24th position, with 833 units sold, which compares with the 12th position registered in sales for the whole of last year.

Even worse is the performance of the Fiat Tipo. The model that occupied the fourth position in 2019 now appears in the 26th position, with 780 vehicles sold until June.

Volkswagen sees a revolution in the hierarchy of its models. The T-Cross was the best seller until June, with 538 units, which corresponds to 18.8% of the German brand’s sales in Portugal, surpassing the Polo, 520 vehicles. Golf totaled only 472 units and the T-Roc, manufactured at Autoeuropa, accounted for 394 sales, being the 49th best-selling model in Portugal in the semester.

Three electric in the Top 50
The electric car segment suffered a slight impact on sales due to the covid-19 pandemic, having retreated 6.3% in the semester, which allowed, for the first time, three models to appear in the Top 50.

The Nissan Leaf remains the most popular in this segment, having closed the semester with 663 units sold, which corresponds to a market share of 1.02% and guarantees it the 29th position. The electric model represents 17.8% of the Japanese brand’s sales in Portugal.

Just behind, in 31st place, is the Tesla Model 3, with 657 cars sold and also more than 1% market share in passenger cars. The most affordable model of the brand led by Elon Musk represents 90.7% of Tesla’s sales in Portugal.

In the 32nd position of the “ranking” is Zoe, with 643 units. Renault’s electric model has a market share of 0.99% and already weighs 8.1% on sales of the leading brand in the Portuguese market.

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