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Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky

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Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky

Kentucky police say a chartered bus with students from a Catholic school crashed into a car, killing the car driver

January 25, 2020 at 4:50 pm

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A chartered bus carrying students from a Catholic school collided with a car on Saturday morning in northern Kentucky, killing the car's driver, police said.

The accident happened on AA Highway in Campbell County at about 7:20 am, when the bus was taking students from Covington Catholic High School back to the March for Life rally in Washington DC, WLWT-TV reported in Cincinnati.

The driver of the car was not immediately identified by Campbell County police. Two people on the bus were taken to hospitals for treatment and others suffered minor injuries.

The Archdiocese of Covington said in a statement that the bus was carrying students and escorts back from the rally.

Last year, a group of Covington Catholic students who attended the same annual anti-abortion rally drew national attention to a meeting with a Native American man.

The widely shared video of the meeting showed one of the students, Nicholas Sandmann, and Native American Nathan Phillips, standing close to each other, with the young student looking and sometimes smiling at Phillips as he sang and played the drums. Media comments after that described the students as racially insensitive. Sandmann and Phillips later said they were both trying to ease tensions between conflicting groups that converged at Lincoln Memorial.




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