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Costa Silva defends international consortia to explore national resources

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According to the preliminary version of the economic recovery plan requested by the Government, despite the improvements, Portugal has to reinforce the attraction of foreign investment, namely for strategic resources – such as mineral resources (lithium, cobalt, nickel, niobium, tantalum, rare earth) important in the energy transition (manufacture of new batteries, high-precision electronics industry) and the sea – which “with a medium and long-term vision can become sources of wealth and value creation”.

The Government consultant defends that the country develops projects to attract foreign investment and develop international consortia to take advantage of these resources, learning from what Norway has done for the development of its oil and gas industry.

“The countries that are interested could be Germany (which has already competed in the Pacific to explore an area with polymetallic sulfides), France, the USA and Canada, in addition to Japan and India,” he says in the document.

In possible international consortia, it suggests the existence of clauses to safeguard the participation of Portuguese companies, research centers and universities, as well as that the three sustainability axes (economic, environmental and social) be included in the contracts.

Costa Silva also suggests a program to support the internationalization of companies and that there be “more aggressive ‘marketing'” to attract attention to Portugal in the global market, firstly for tourism, and the realization of digital show rooms. of Portuguese products and services.

It also proposes a program for the valorization of exported products, promoting the “Marca Portugal” (avoiding dispersion of brands) and the creation of a seal of certification for the “green effort” of the Portuguese industry and the bet on renewable energies, differentiating Portugal in this way. international markets.

“This seal must be emblematic and associated with national products with a brand image: ‘These Portuguese products were produced in the country that has 57% of the electricity generated by renewable sources’,” he exemplified.

In early June, the Government confirmed that António Costa Silva had been invited to coordinate the preparation of the economic recovery program and that it had accepted this invitation “as a civic and ‘pro bono’ contribution”.


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