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Corbyn reveals speech against UK bankers and billionaires

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Corbyn reveals speech against UK bankers and billionaires

Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn will launch his election manifesto this Thursday, November 21, but has already lifted the tip of the veil to his speech. At the site From the party, excerpts were published in which Corbyn repeatedly opposes the upper classes, claiming to be focused on the rest of the population.

The "manifesto for real change" is "full of popular politics," Corbyn assumes. The labor leader guarantees that they will find funding without increasing the tax burden on 95% of taxpayers – they want to burden only the richest 5%. In this sense, he warns that "the most powerful people in the UK" will accuse his program of being "impossible" to realize, but that they will do so only because they do not want to see changes in an "addicted" system that works "in their favor". "

The Labor leader argues that the "furious reaction of the rich and powerful" to his policies is proof that he is on the side of the common voter. "If the bankers and billionaires considered that we represent [the labor party] politics as it has been the rule, that we can be bribed, that nothing would really change, they would not attack us so fiercely," he will say. He goes further and claims that billionaires, the super rich, bad bosses and even big polluters "dominate" the competing party, the Conservative. In support of this accusation, it points out that a third of British billionaires have made donations to this party.

In the plans put forward by Labor, the politician promises an investment of £ 75 billion in social housing over the next five years and a £ 100 billion investment in Scotland. Corbyn is also committed to raising the minimum wage to £ 10 per hour.

In addition, one of the most popular measures announced by Labor is free and free access to the British fiber optic network. To this end, it proposes to nationalize the unit of the British BT company that manages the optical fiber.

Jeremy Corbyn tries to stand out from his opponent Boris Johnson, whose campaign focus is Brexit. In a debate between his opponents, the Labor leader has shown a strong position on this which has been one of the most important issues in UK public life.


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