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Companies do not want workers to travel to China

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Companies do not want workers to travel to China

Large technology and / or communication companies are placing restrictions on their workers' travel to China. Facebook and Razer are some of those companies. On the other hand, LG prohibits travel and has asked workers traveling in China to return as soon as possible. This decision is due to the fact that the coronavirus virus is so active.

Facebook asks employees who do not travel to China and also asks employees who recently traveled to China to work from home. Although Facebook is banned in China, the company has offices in the country and uses equipment suppliers for Oculus virtual reality headsets and Portal family video devices.

Companies do not want workers to travel to China

Razer, known for its computers and accessories for gamers, confirmed to The Verge that it also took measures similar to Facebook's measures, both on trips and asking workers who have already traveled to work from home. There are many technology companies that have offices in China and that use manufacturers from China, so similar measures can be found in other companies as well.

In the case of Amazon, the company says it is following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, but has not yet placed restrictions on travel. Kingston’s HyperX, a gaming accessories company, declined to comment. Apple, Google and Microsoft have not yet responded to requests for comment.

So far more than 100 deaths in China from coronavirus have been recorded and there are already more than 4000 cases reported worldwide, although the majority of these cases are concentrated in China, more specifically in Hubei province (Wuhan is the provincial capital) . Last week, 5 new cases of coronavirus in the United States of America were confirmed.

Source: The Verge



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