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Chicago Bears are a masterclass in how to waste a great defense

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Chicago Bears are a masterclass in how to waste a great defense

There was a moment in the first quarter of Sunday's slant against the Los Angeles Chargers, when the Chicago Bears resembled the Chicago Bears again. After Kyle Fuller chose Philip Rivers, most of the defense gathered for a nice performance of Cha Cha Slide, led by Prince Amukamara. They were having fun, comforting themselves that they were still a dominant force that on Sunday would keep the Chargers at only 231 yards in total.

Bryan Fischer

DOINK pic.twitter.com/3d50eocfCv

October 27, 2019

Then the rest of the game happened, and the Bears lost 17-16 when Eddy Pineiro missed a 41-yard goal as time expired. But this loss, and this season that is officially in disaster mode, was not Pineiro's fault. Nor was it the fault of a Bears defender, who is still in the top 10, despite losing defensive Akiem Hicks due to an elbow injury.

Sunday was not the kind of exclusive defensive performance of the bears we received every week last season, when the unit consistently terrorized the quarterback and seized every opportunity to trade. But the defense did its part, stopping Melvin Gordon, who was only 31 yards in a hurry. Khalil Mack also had a nice bag.

This game was also a necessary change of pace for a defense that was cut to the ground in recent weeks because the attack was unable to keep them off the field with prolonged blows. But on Sunday, Matt Nagy finally used his driving force, David Montgomery, who kept the defense at bay. For a while, the flow felt like a splinter from last year's formula. So the Bears were firmly back in the present.

The defense watched as Mitch Trubisky finished the third quarter with an interception and started the fourth with a confusion that the Chargers converted into a touchdown. The defense watched again as Trubisky actually drove Chicago to the goal field in the final field, leaving enough time to try another race, which could have improved the field, position or pieces, even leading to a score. But Nagy insisted on kicking him right away. Ms. The bears lose again.

At this point, the Bears owe Mack and Eddie Jackson and Danny Trevathan and all the defense an apology. Chicago is now 3-4 in the NFC North basement, without much hope given the quarterback and the staggered game this season. The defense was not perfect; you'll hear players like Mack or Trevathan talk about tackles that they didn't perform perfectly or how they still go on. "believe this team. But they know the reality. They see unbeaten San Francisco and New England with overwhelming defenses and must salivate.

In case you've never heard it before, the Bears selected Trubisky in the 2017 NFL draft ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. And yes, instead of watching Trubisky look like a deer in the headlines, it's a fun exercise to close your eyes and dream about Mahomes or Watson paired with this defense.

Then reality comes and Bears fans need to watch their team waste a season waiting for Trubisky to make some incremental progress. Meanwhile, the organization is wasting this special collection of defensive talent. Mack is 28 years old and at his peak. Some guys are older, others are younger. Even with Trubisky's contract, which some Bears fans are trying purchaseThe Chicago office made the numbers work. It will probably not be the case from this off season.

Unless Trubisky makes a massive transformation or the Bears do some blockbuster trade before Tuesday's deadline, this team will be wasting more than this season. It is painful to watch. Imagine how Khalil Mack should feel.

Stat of the week

ESPN Statistics and Information

Nick Bosa is the first player with 3 bags and a single-game interception since the @Chiefs Chris Jones at Week 2 of 2017.

Bosa is also the first @ 49ers player to accomplish this feat since the bags became official statisticians in 1982. pic.twitter.com/kg1H7rbP04

October 27, 2019

Many 49ers performed in a 51-13 win over the Panthers, but no one dominated like rookie Nick Bosa, who was a beast this season. After the game, Richard Sherman continued to lobby for the young passer to be considered Rookie of the Year. The defensive player of the year should also be in the conversation.

MVP of the week

Cooper Kupp's magical season continued on Sunday, with seven footprints in 220 yards received and a touchdown in a 24 to 10 Rams win over the Bengals. It was Kupp's fifth game of the season, in which he surpassed 100 meters and the most yards any Ram has received in a game since Isaac Bruce in 1997.

NFL Update

Jared Goff connects with Cooper Kupp on the double-reverse-flea flicker. What game design

Kupp has 165 yards in the first half.

(via @RamsNFL) pic.twitter.com/fQn2aMgo9t

October 27, 2019

Kupp celebrated all day, but it was the score of 65 yards in a brilliant called and executed double reverse fleaflicker in the second quarter that changed the dynamics of what was then a draw game.

Quote of the week

"Keeping a player completely healthy from being on the field does not protect anyone." – Cassius Marsh, Cardinals right back

Arizona linebacker Cassius Marsh crashed at the end of a Michael Thomas race in the first quarter and was soon dismissed from the game with a concussion. Marsh's public disagreement was impressive because it came from the locker room in the middle of the game in the form of a now deleted tweet. (Marsh will receive a letter from the NFL, as players cannot post to social media during a game.) But Marsh's words also illustrate a sad reality in the NFL that, despite the emphasis on security, players know its value is bound to be in the field.

Video of the week

Chicago Bears are a masterclass in how to waste a great defenseNFL

ADAM VINATIERI. 51 yards. TO VICTORY. #DENvsIND pic.twitter.com/9x7xjko7EO

October 27, 2019

There are no superlatives to describe Adam Vinatieri's career, and the collection of moments he has accumulated since joining the NFL in 1997 would fill a palace. The 46-year-old (he turns 47 in a month) has been added to the list with a 51-yard basket to seal an exciting 15-13 victory for the Indianapolis Colts over the Denver Broncos. Vinatieri's soft kick keeps the Colts on top of AFC South. More importantly, it was a lovely reminder that life in sports, or in general, does not have to disintegrate at age 40.

Elsewhere in the league

Drew Brees was back where he belongs on Sunday

Drew Brees was back where he belongs on Sunday. Photo: Bill Feig / AP

– Drew Brees returned from injury and, despite an unstable overthrow, he settled well and led the Saints to a convincing 31-9 victory over Arizona. Brees ended up with numbers very similar to Brees: 373 yards, three TDs and one intercept. One has to wonder what Teddy Bridgewater could steal from the Saints of some team desperate for a quarterback update (ahem, Bears).

– The Patriots are now 8-0 after beating Browns 27-13. In the first eight games, the Pats have a differential of +189 points, tied for third place in NFL history. In other words, they are ridiculously dominant.

– Joe Flacco, generally calm, was furious over his team's decision to give fourth and fifth at Colts 48, with a 1:40 foul and a one-point lead: "Well, come on, I just see how "We're now a 2-6 football team, and we're afraid to go for a two-minute drill, you know," said Flacco. ESPN. “Who cares if you return the ball with one minute, 40 seconds left? Obviously, they have the goal anyway. & # 39; He is not wrong.

– Given that Broncos have lost three games in the last 30 seconds, first-year coach Vic Fangio may be in last place. But it's hard to imagine a warmer seat than Dan Quinn's in Atlanta. The Falcons are now 1-7 with road games in New Orleans and Carolina in the next two weeks.

Chicago Bears are a masterclass in how to waste a great defenseHouston Texans

Deshaun Watson is unreal!@deshaunwatson | #OAKvsHOU pic.twitter.com/AInH5MDHR2

October 27, 2019

– Deshaun Watson played another show on Sunday with a 27-24 win over Oakland. Watson was almost flawless, riding 279 yards and three TDs, and displayed his incredible body and heart consciousness in a stunning way. touchdown pass at the tight end Darren Fells. In not-so-sunny Texan news, JJ Watt tweeted that his season is over after suffering a torn breastplate against the Raiders.

Speaking of Watson's brilliant touchdown, Aaron Rodgers made a half-decent effort for Packers against Chiefs during Sunday Night Football:

Chicago Bears are a masterclass in how to waste a great defenseGreen bay packers

Unreal.@ AaronRodgers12 magic in the SNF! #GBvsKC | #GoPackGo pic.twitter.com/OzFFykBX0A

October 28, 2019

– The Jets quietly released Kelechi Osemele on Saturday after a bizarre dispute over whether or not Osemele needed shoulder surgery for a torn labrum. The Jets injected him with Toradol before their last two games, but Osemele stated that he could no longer play in such pain and, after a third external opinion, decided to have shoulder surgery (which the Jets would not authorize). This saga will continue while Osemele is filing complaints in an attempt to recover his salary and fines for lost practices. But on the surface, it is safe to say that the jets are in their own category of total disability, especially when it comes to medical affairs.

– The dolphins did not lose on Sunday! (They play Monday night.)

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