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Chanel takes us on a desert trip with the new make-up collection

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Chanel takes us on a desert trip with the new make-up collection

Chanel's creative makeup director Lucia Pica embarked on a research trip accompanied by photographer Laura Sciacovelli to Namibia. They boarded a plane and flew over the landscapes in search of new places and shades, places "where I could find new colors," Lucia explains in a press release.

The fact is that when it comes to desert, the first nuances that come to mind are the beige or orange of the sand dunes, the terracotta and the deep blue of the sky. But the creative director was looking for something different. Ended up exploring the tones of rose quartz and basalt. "These combinations of roses, purples and mauves opened up in greyish browns and peaches, creating a whole new range of colors. The energy in the desert was very calm and practically silent – as soft as the colors."

The trip gave rise to a series of photographs, which were then printed on a Polaroid – giving the poetic and dreamlike tone that results in the inspiration of the name of this collection: Desert Dream. "In the desert, there is almost a universe of a unique and dominant color – mauve – that really came to life with the specific photographic process we use", details Lucia and adds: "But we were not looking for the archetype of travel photography. I wanted to something a little more poetic, a little more dreamlike, like a memory. "

From the photographic material, Lucia Pica started to create the new Chanel make-up collection for spring-summer 2020. There are 15 desire products in a combination of matte and sparkling textures, which include two exclusive creations and six limited edition, that is , will be available exclusively this season.

The beauty of the hottest months of the year is painted with mauve in the eyes, layers of warm light on the cheekbones and the extreme desert heat on the lips. We highlight the illuminating skin balm Baume Essentiel in the Golden Light tone, the must-have of the season for a fresh and shiny complexion, giving the face a healthy and sun-kissed look. The trick is to apply it to the areas of the face where the sun first comes: on the top of the cheeks, the forehead, the tip of the nose and the chin. You can also use Baume Essentiel to gently lighten your eyelids and lips. "It's a sun-kissed look," says Lucia, "really cool and bright."

All products will go on sale from January 21st.



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