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Cases of allegations of dating violence are more serious in Portugal

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Cases of allegations of dating violence are more serious in Portugal

O Dating Violence Observatory recorded a total of 74 reports of situations of dating violence in 2019, cases that were directly experienced or witnessed by third parties. The value corresponds to a monthly average of more than six cases per month – remember that these figures are only those reported, unfortunately they do not represent the reality, since many women and men are still afraid to report. Only three of the records were made by men.

Although the number of complaints decreased compared to 2018 – where 128 victims were reported – the mapping of the reality of dating violence in Portugal shows that the cases were more serious. The most reported types of violence are verbal (87.8%) and psychological (75.7%). Of the total, 13.5% of the victims needed to receive medical treatment and in 12.2% of the cases they were the target of death threats – there are also attempted homicides (4.1%) – and 1.4% had to be hospitalized .

The vast majority (73%) of the reported situations did not cause the victims to complain to the competent authorities. Another alarming fact is that in 77% of cases, aggressors are currently the victims' boyfriends. The complaints were registered by the platform in several ways: more than half (38) were made by former victims, 28 were registered by witnesses of these cases and only eight by victims who continue to be.

The main cause of dating violence in Portugal is jealousy (70.3%), followed by the aggressor's mental problems (40.5%), but there are also cases related to the aggressor's consumption of alcohol or other substances (14.9%) and even issues of economic difficulties (13.5%).

Porto has the highest number of cases

Of the crimes analyzed, 51.4% were in Porto, followed by Lisbon and Aveiro, both districts with 10%.

Gender discrepancy

Female victims are still the majority (95.9%) and 91.9% of aggressors are male. The average age of the victims is 21 years old and that of the aggressors is 23.

The place with the highest incidence of violence is the home

It is in the privacy of the home that cases of violence happen more often (62.2%), then on the street (48.6%) and in an educational institution (36.5%).

You can read the full survey of the Observatory of Violence in Dating here.

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