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Canada’s largest piece of land is up for sale in Manitoba

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Canada's largest piece of land is up for sale in Manitoba

Canada's largest piece of land is for sale in Manitoba, and all 25,900 acres can be yours – if you have $ 57 million left over.

The massive stretch of land cultivated on plains and prairies is located in the Vale da Cenoura, near The Pas, Man. In fact, it is a combination of four family farms gathered for sale. The buyer will leave not only with the land rich in topsoil, but also with the houses, farm buildings, equipment and livestock, included in the sale.

At one of the farms – Big Lake Angus Farm – the land has been cared for and worked by the Markus family for decades. For them, the roots are deep.

Anthony Markus Sr. (photo) came to Manitoba in the 1960s to set up his farm. He came with only a few animals, including a pig. (Sent: Tony Markus)

The story of the Big Lake Angus Farm began in the late 1950s, when Anthony Markus emigrated from Hungary, with his wife Margartte, from Austria. The two settled in Regina, where Anthony worked as a baker and Margartte as a seamstress.

But the farm is where Anthony wanted to be, so together the young couple moved to Manitoba to buy their first farm in Swan Valley.

Soon overcoming the farm, they turned to the Vale da Cenoura.


Margartte (pictured) worked as a seamstress before moving to Manitoba with Anthony Sr. to set up a family farm. (Sent: Tony Markus)

"(My father) came to The Pas and bought 400 acres in 1963 – he came here with two chickens, a cow and some pigs," said Anthony's son, Anthony Jr., who passes by Tony.

Like many family farms, the Big Lake Angus Farm was passed to Tony, who is now responsible for raising cattle on more than 14,000 acres.


The decision to sell the generational farm was a difficult one, said Tony. Her son, who is just over 20 years old, has ambitions that go beyond the area cultivated by the family.

With no one in the family to go over the farm for years to come, Tony said it was time.

Anthony Markus

Anthony Markus Sr. (photo) works on a tractor on his land in the Carrot Valley, in Manitoba. (Sent: Tony Markus)

"There are mixed emotions. I was born here, I was raised here. I never really left the farm other than going to college for a year," said Tony.

"Agriculture is not just a nine-to-five job, it's a lifestyle. So you live the lifestyle and work hard."

The Markus family is not alone in this situation. Generational farms in western Canada are becoming a shortage, according to Re / Max realtor Darren Sander.

"We are prepared for the biggest land transfer in Western history," said Sander, who is dealing with the problem. sale of the Markus farm.

"We have many farmers aged 50, 60 and 70, whose children have left the farm to pursue other careers. And these people are entering this era when they are evaluating what they will do."

Tony said he noticed this in his area. He remembers the days when there was a family farm every 800 meters. And on each farm there were many children, eager to take over their parents' operation in the future.

"Now you go miles and miles before you find children. There is no one who really takes over these family farms," ​​he said.

Sander said that while he is moving away from the ideology of family farming – this land transfer is opening the door for young farmers who want to join the sector.

Carrot Valley

What is believed to be the largest piece of land for sale in Canada is located in the Carrot Valley, near The Pas, Man. (Source: Darren Sander / Remax)

As for Big Lake Angus Farm and the 11,000 acres, the multi-million dollar price may put it out of the budget of a younger generation, but the land itself has received a lot of attention.

Sander said he believes this is the largest piece of farmland for sale in Canada. He expects the land to leave the market soon.

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